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Secret Good Charlotte and Army of Me Show TONIGHT
March 30, 2007

Local boys Good Charlotte and Army of Me will be playing a MySpace-sponsored secret show tonight at 7:30 PM at the Black Cat. While this is a free show, hopeful attendees need to be at the Black Cat this afternoon at 3:00 PM to receive a wristband in order to then have a chance a getting a ticket.

News of this show has caused quite a stir among D.C.-area fans, so I suggest being in the vicinity of the Black Cat well before 3:00 to beat the crowds.

For more information, visit and view the message boards.


March Madness: A Never-ending Story of Devotion
March 27, 2007

Every year in March this is what happens: I join a March Madness pool. I start filling out my bracket. Regardless of what their season has turned into, I mentally will Maryland into the Final Four, push them into the National Championship, and then, they come out on top. I brag to all my friends who thought maybe Ohio State or Kansas would take it all this year. I start texting “FEAR THE TURTLE” to everyone I know, no matter their athletic interests and they listen to me, because they know I’m right. I let bandwagon Duke fans know exactly how I feel about their “team”, and then, usually, I make some stuff up about how fantastic Gary Williams is. Again, let me remind you that all of these things go on nestled deep inside my vivid imagination. This is what really happens: I join a March Madness pool. I start filling out my bracket. Regardless of what their season has turned into, I mentally will Maryland into the Final Four, push them into the National Championship, and then, they drop the ball (literally, like this year against Butler, or figuratively). For a little while I sit on the humiliation and usually stay near the top of the Pool Standings list. Then, Kansas loses to UCLA, Oregon beats Wisconsin, and I’m forced to take a shrinking step back from my ungodly pomposity and swallow five types of pride while my name slowly slips down the Standings list like too much Windex on a dirty kitchen window.
But, here’s the kicker. Last year, George Mason represented the DC area and everyone went nuts. By “nuts” I mean, “people realized George Mason was, in fact, a college, in the DC area and it blew their minds”. This year? Georgetown. Now, I know my beloved Terps held the title a few years ago, but I see a suspicious cycle forming. Next year what happens? American? Loyola? Marymount?
Wait, I already know what’s going to happen. I will join a March Madness pool. I will start filling out my bracket. Regardless of what their season has turned into, I will mentally will Maryland into the Final Four….

It’s Easier Being Green Than Previously Assumed
March 21, 2007

I hate to admit that I have a tendency to be wasteful. While I take a somewhat sick comfort in not being alone, I’ve been convinced more than any past year to take a walk on the hippy side. Earth Day is on April 22nd, and every magazine I receive, from Cosmo to Shape, has dedicated itself to providing facts on becoming what they universally refer to as “green.”

It appears that green is this spring’s hottest shade. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to transform yourself painlessly into a greener you. Small fixes to our every day routines can create positive change. According to the Oberlin College Recycling Program website, these small changes make all the difference. The website states that:

  • Turning off the water faucet when brushing your teeth can save 9 gallons of water every time you brush
  • Lowering your thermostat by one degree in the winter and raising it one degree in the summer can save as much as 3% of the energy your furnace uses
  • Recycling paper at the office saves 380 gallons of oil per ton of recycled paper
  • Using cold water setting on your washing machine and dish washer saves as much as 90% of the energy consumed by washing machines and 80% of the energy used by dishwashers
  • Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV set for three hours
  • Drinking out of a reusable glass cuts down on the 2.5 million plastic bottles Americans go through every year
  • Canceling or recycling the junk mail Americans receive in one day could save enough energy to heat 250,000 homes
  • Carpooling or using the Metro and Metro buses is causes less traffic and is good for both the environment and your sanity. Most cars on U.S. roads carry only one person. We have so much extra room in our 140 million cars that everyone in Western Europe could ride with us.
  • Find your local recycling center at and make a difference!

    The Specificities of Our Demise/Party: An Account of Tyson’s Corner
    March 19, 2007

    Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) spokeswoman, Joan Morris, describes the looming Tyson’s Corner construction to “having a huge party in your house as you’re renovating it at the same time” (Washington Post, 27 January 07). For those of you who don’t already know; an above ground Metrorail, two highway ramps, and an additional eight towers near Tyson’s Corner Center are all coming to Tyson’s and VDOT is welcoming them with open arms and a little confetti. And by “confetti” I mean “a decade of passionate construction”.

    Personally, I’m pumped.

    To me, sitting in the impending 8 lanes of traffic really does seem like quite the shindig. In fact, until a recent job switch, I had been partaking in another form of merrymaking known as the 395 N exit that runs along Gravelly Point. Of course, this is just one lane, and generally taxis are involved, so compared to the upcoming 10-year-planned Festival of Dirt and Pipe that Fairfax County is about to throw right smack in the middle of one of the nation’s largest commercial areas, 395 is just a child’s plaything.

    I’ve totally missed sitting in traffic every. single. morning for an hour and a half while I commuted from Braddock Rd. to L’Efant Plaza (that’s a 20 min. commute if no other cars are involved). Since gaining employment off of Rt. 7 my days have started out incorrectly. I never throw my hands in the air or sucker punch my dashboard anymore. I don’t have one-sided conversations with other commuters about their turn signals. I don’t see men in sports coats, sitting in their Volvos, reading the Sports section while “driving”. Now there’s hope for Tyson’s and for me. We’re throwing a house party and according to the project’s communication plan; everyone from DC to West Virginia to Pennsylvania is invited. Everyone will be talking about “that party at Tyson’s” for YEARS.

    Welcome to the DC Scene Blahg
    March 16, 2007

    Whether you a new to the DC area or are a proud native, it’s hard not to fall in love with this area. We have everything: bustling cityscapes, rivers and lakes, mountains, history, culture, but most importantly, we have top-notch places to go for a little fun.

    We here at the DC Scene want you to love this city as much as we do. We hope to offer some good suggestions for food, nightlife, weekend excursions, and everything in between.

    I love New York? Fuggetaboutit. We love D.C.

    Blahg – An Introduction
    March 16, 2007


    The fact of the matter is that it’s high time The D.C. Scene joined the rest of the internet culture and created its very own blog. What’s better is that we’ve gone above and beyond the call of internet commentary duty. We’ve created the first ever Blahg. Eventually, we’ll take a poll and figure out exactly what this means, but until that time, The Sceners welcome to you read even more of the things we write on a more consistent basis. I promise your time spent with us will be similiar to a never-ending-party, or maybe even to receiving free and expensive stuff.

    Sit back down, stop grinning so much.

    No don’t.