Do Not Feed The Hippies …

… they’ll eat what you drop, anyway.

That’s right, Widespread Panic is back in town. If you need your fix of songs that end long after they’re supposed to, head over to the Warner Theatre tonight and tomorrow night. Remember to bring your earplugs, you’ll need them to plug your nose.

Do not let go of your drink until you are finished with it, or you might as well just go straight back to the bar.

Do not talk to any wookies or trustafarians unless your floor sleeps 20.

If you do get stuck in such a conversation, do not make plans with the wookies for after the show. “After” can last for days …

If you have an extra ticket, by all means, look for that single finger pointing upward and moving down the line and back, but do not let the trustafarians try to talk you down from face value. If they even attempt it, put the extra ticket in your mouth, chew slowly, swallow and turn away.

Do not point your fingers anywhere but down whilst you dance.

And do not eat the brown cheese sandwiches. At least, don’t pay for ’em.


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  1. Great article!

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