Eastern Market

This past Saturday I took a friend of mine, visiting from Baltimore, a few stops down the Orange Line, to SE’s Eastern Market. Originally, I was writing a profile on DC’s longest running indoor/outdoor market, and I thought she’d not only enjoy the white and blue Polish pottery, hand-made jewelry, food variety, and Oriental rugs draped over fences, but also the neighborly atmosphere. After all, there’s something to be said for having your very own Metro stop. So after an hour or so and ten or twenty conversations about how one might take a 5×5 ft. ceiling-tile-turned-mirror back on the Metro, we left, promising to drive next time, in hopes of packing my ton of a Buick full.
On Monday I sat down at my desk and was stunned to read on dc.metblogs that the Eastern Market was mostly gone. Actually, I read the same post three times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding. We were there just a day before, and Sunday night it caught fire. What I’m thinking of now is the tent in the very back of the market, housing artist Mark Cottman’s work. When asked he told us he “didn’t know how long it [took him] to finish a piece” and that he just “worked ‘til it was done”, and I wanted to buy every single piece he had displayed.
Best of luck to all the vendors in pulling through this.

Picture Credit: art4U.com
“Coneflower Bouquet” by Mark Cottman


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  1. Thanks for your positive vibes about my work.
    Mark Cottman

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