Don’t Even Bother Registering Your Car

Because apparently it doesn’t even matter.
A little over a year ago I got a present from my grandparents which soon became the love of my life. Since then the navy ’92 three-ton Buick Century has been registered under my Dad’s name. This afternoon I drove over to the DMV in hopes of changing it into my name.
When I got up to the counter with everything I thought I could possible need (3 forms of ID, proof of address, title, insurance, even the plates off of my car) and a few pleasantries where exchanged, this is the conversation that took place between me and the person that we’ll call “DMV man”:

Lots of computer keys clicking

DMV Man: “There aren’t plates on this car.”
Me: “Yes there are.”
DMV Man: “No, there’re not registered in the system at all.”
Me: “… I’m holding them right here in my hand.”
DMV Man: “… this is not good… at all….”
Me: (gauging how long I might have to stay at the DMV because my car is illegal) “But I have April 2008 registration stickers on the plates, right here, which I received in the mail.”

More computer keys clicking

DMV Man: “Can you fill this form out please?”
Me: “…sure.”
DMV Man: “Alright, here are your new plates, how will you be paying?”

Moral: It doesn’t even matter that I’ve had two state inspections, an emissions inspection, my brakes replaced, my turn signal system replaced, a speeding ticket, and various oil changes since we first “registered” the car. No one checked to make sure the car was actually registered. All the work one does to transport ownership of a car from Ohio to DC is pretty useless unless the person whose job it is to sit at a computer and enter the transfer, actually does their job. But even then, it’s not really that big of a deal.

Good to know.


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  1. I never have registered my car and have never been caught (knock on wood)

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