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Movies to look forward to this Fall 2007
June 29, 2007

Here are the movies to watch out for and consider seeing from September to December this year.

1. Shoot Em up (coming out September 7) This action movie will have Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti facing off against each other. Enough said.

2. Good Luck Chuck (coming out September 21)This romantic comedy stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.

3. The Kingdom (coming out September 28) This drama is directed by Peter Berg and stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper (lead villain from the Bourne Identity), Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman)

1. 3:10 to Yuma (coming out October 5) This western stars Christian Bale and Russell Crowe.

2. 30 Days of Night (coming out October 19) This horror movie is produced by Sam Raimi (director of the Spiderman trilogy) and stars Josh Hartnett.

3. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney Digital 3-D (coming out October 19)

4. Saw 4 (coming out October 26)

1. American Gangster (coming November 2) This drama is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Denzel Washington, and Russell Crowe

2. Bee Movie (coming November 2) This animated comedy stars the voices of Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger. Enough said.

3. Fred Claus (coming November 9) This holiday comedy directed by David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) stars Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti.

4. Beowulf (coming November 16) This animated CG action film of the classic tale is directed by Robert Zemeckis and features voices including Angelina Jolie, Anothy Hopkins, and Ray Winstone


1. The Golden Compass (coming December 7) Based on Philip Pullman’s bestselling and award-winning novel, “The Golden Compass”, an exciting fantasy adventure, set in an alternative world where people’s souls manifest themselves as animals. Starring Nicole Kidman, and Casino Royale’s Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) and Eva Green (Bond girl Vesper Lynd).

2. I Am Legend (coming December 14) This action thriller stars Will Smith as a scientist battling post-apocalyptic vampires while trying to find a cure to the virus that wiped out most of the human race and turned them into vampires.

3. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (coming December 21) This sequel finds Nicholas Cage and company involved in a mystery/ treasure hunt involving Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, and the 18 missing pages from Booth’s diary.

4. Alien vs. Predator 2 (coming December 25) Sequel involving the title iconic chracters battling this time in a small town in Colorado. One thing to wonder is will the Pred-Alien created at the end of the first movie be back and whose side will he be on?


Movies to look forward to for summer 2008
June 28, 2007

The top movies to look forward to for next summer are:

1. Indiana Jones 4 (coming out May 22) Harrison Ford will return to star as Jones, as well as Steven Spielberg to direct, Transformer’s star Shia Le Beouf will play Indy’s son in the film.

2. The Dark Knight (coming out July 18) The sequel to Batman Begins will have Christian Bale return as Batman to fight the Joker (Heath Ledger) as well introducing Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckheart), who will become Two-Face at some point in the franchise, and it is rumored that Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy)will return for the sequel.

3. The Incredible Hulk (coming out June 13) While the first Hulk was terrible this one has much better casting (Edawrd Norton as the Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, Tim Roth as the main villain The Abomination, and William Hurt as General Ross)

4. Get Smart (coming out June 20) This comedy based off the classic show has Steve Carell starring as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathway as Agent 99

5. Step Brothers (coming out July 25) This is the next Will Ferrell movie and re-teams him with Talledega co-star John C. Reilly

That is all for now.

Rosie’s At It Again
June 28, 2007

A photo is circulating the Internet, news commentary shows, and papers that Rosie O’Donnell took and posted on her website of her 4-year-old daughter, Vivienne, dressed in bullets. While this may appear as a disturbing form of child abuse, and a very bizarre and inappropriate way of using your child, Rosie was trying to make the statement that “someone’s little girl will die tonight in Iraq.” She later went on to write that, her daughter dressed “in a soldier costume” made national news while “3,500 dead soldiers for real” got no attention.

Not only is her saying this is “shameful” ignorant, it’s also untrue. The media gives daily attention to the soldiers lost in the Iraq war. I’m not sure where she got the impression that the 3,500 dead gets no consideration. It’s on the news and in print all the time. Sometimes it’s over done. But even if she had realized that this topic does get plenty of attention, she needs to understand several things about these lives lost.

First of all, soldiers are in the service voluntarily. During this war none of them have been drafted. Therefore they went into it in fully aware that they might have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and for the freedom of other countries. Therefore when people like Rosie complain about the lives lost, they don’t realize that people did this willingly, not because the U.S. army is some “tyrant,” and not because President Bush is “evil” or whatever choice phrases she and others that disagree with the war use without really understanding what’s going on.

Secondly, not that any life lost in the service should be minimized to anything less than the sacrifice that it is, but compare the war in Iraq to past wars. Compare it to the 50,000 plus lives lost in Vietnam. Compare it to the thousands that Saddam Hussein had killed and would have probably continued to kill had not the U.S. interjected and brought some stability to Iraq and removed this dictator.

So while the occasional innocent person, or be it child, may fall in harms way in war zones, Rosie needs to realize that so many more would be long gone by now if it wasn’t for the war in Iraq. The 3,500 lives lost is a small number compared to what may have been if the U.S. hadn’t come to the rescue.

The Paris phenomenon
June 28, 2007

I think the good news about the Paris Hilton case is that at the very least, she’s now making headlines for something that is relevant and a hell of a lot more interesting than when she was making national headlines for absolutely nothing. Paris is a person but one of no significance whatsoever on any artistic level. She’s a celebrity who’s famous for….honestly, I can’t even remember what she was originally famous for. Can anyone else? The truth is that Paris Hilton has always been a media construction. She’s famous only because the media says she’s famous and even the very debate over whether she deserves to be famous benefited her because it fed into the publicity machine and negative publicity is superior than the realization that there’s nothing to be famous about.But with this whole prison ordeal, things are a-changing. The debate surrounding Paris Hilton is now about far more interesting stuff: the conditions in the prison system, who should pay for prison, whether celebrities are above the law, etc. It’s also possible that young teens are getting an education on public health from reading about Paris’ disorders.So whatever you feel about the Paris Hilton case, I call it an improvement. I think the one problem is that people are unwilling to give credit when it’s due to Paris, the person. I’m not saying that Paris Hilton neccessarily deserves credit (for the record, I do think she deserves some credit for holding her head up high and accepting the sentence as best she can) but I don’t think Paris the person has a fighting chance anymore to prove to the public that she’s grown as a person. At this point, she’s no match for her own public image and while Paris, the person, is capable of growth, the Paris that the media is used to seeing isn’t.Besides, people are unwilling to forgive Paris for being such a nuissance in our collective culture all these years. My opinion: The angry mob of people who want to see Paris remain in prison aren’t really mad at Paris. As I said before, Paris Hilton was never really anything but a media construction. How can you be mad at someone who’s nothing? I think the anger that we are showing with this is really directed at ourselves for allowing Paris Hilton to become famous in the first place. I think the anger at Paris is probably misdirected by parents who are mad at their daughters for buying copies of US Weekly and indulging the craze of these celebrities.

The Downward Spiral of Professional Wrestling
June 28, 2007

I have been a avid, lifelong fan of professional wrestling. As i grow older now, my early 20s, i rarely watch it, but every now and then i check it out on TV just to see who is wrestling, and what the different storylines are.
I started watching wrestling when i was about 5, when Ted DiBiase and Money Inc. ruled the WWF (Now WWE) and Randy “Macho Man” Savage dominated the WCW.

If you have watched TV or been on the internet in the past week, you have obviously heard of the mysterious death involving WWE superstar Chris Benoit and his wife and son. This came a suprise to me, because Benoit was always one of the most competitive guys in the ring, and outside the ring he was always known as a good guy.

What is really interesting is that this past monday, The WWE was planning on having its Monday Night Raw program be a Vince McMahon memorial service. this was because, in a current story line, Vince McMahon, the CEo of the WWE was blown up in a limosuine outside the arena (This was a staged event). So instead of having Raw be a fake memorial show, they had to switch it, and made it a memorial service for a wrestler who actually died. I think the WWE should reconside ever faking someones death ever again, and to be honest, the story lines have all gone downhill in the past two years.

On the Benoit memorial show,o ther wrestlers came down and spoke about Chris Benoit and how good of a guy he was. It it moments like these when wrestlers lose their in ring character, and speak as a normal human being, something I think is a very interesting part of the Business.

Benoit’s death is not the first one of its kind in the WWE. In fact, since 1995, 6 wrestlers have died from substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, or steroids. and another two, including Benoit have commited suicide. Then there was also the extremely saddening death of Owen Hart. Hart died during a live taping of a WWE pay per view in 1999. His character, the Blue Blazer, was suppose to propel down from the rafters into the ring, but his cable snapped, dropping him more than 100ft into the ring, where he smashed into the turnbuckle, ending his life. this was one of the most horrifying deaths entertainment has ever seen.

As for the other wrestlers who ahve since passed, most of them have been addicted to drugs or alcohol. The last wrestler before Benoit to pass away was his long time friend Eddie Gurerro, who died while he was currently the WWE heavyweight champion. He died on the road, of a heart attack from a long time substance abuse in 2005.

in 2003, two famous wrestlers died from Painkillers and Cocaine abuse. “Mr Perfect” Curt hennig, died in early 2003 because his heart exploded due to an overdose of cocaine. Hennig was not an active wrestler at the time, but was now working as a developement personalle for the WWE.
Mrs. Elizabeth, a long time WWE and WCW valet/manager was found dead in her Georgia home, from an overdose on pain pills and alcohol. Lex Luger another extremly famous and popular wrestler was living with her at the time, and was arrested for possesion of these illegal painkillers.

The Benoit death is very confusing because he also took the life of his wife and son, an act that doesnt seem fitting for Benoit at all. Many specualte that he suffered from “roid rage”, and thats why he killed his son and spouse, but toxicology reports have not come back yet.

Regardless of this, professional wrestling has been spiraling down hill in the past 5 years. Since the departure of superstars “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and “The Rock” to Hollywood, the WWE has been struggling to keep its TV ratings as high as they were in the late 90s, when their monday night show, Raw, would dominated neilson ratings every week, many times beating out special events such as award shows and special features.

This death really caught peoples attention of past wrestlers who had died because of drug abuse, and now the WWE really has to try hard to clean its image without losing its fan base.
Good Luck Vince McMahon, you’ve sullied wrestlings good name, now fix it.

Movie Rental Recomendations of the week
June 27, 2007

Today’s blog are my top movie recommendations to rent this week.

1. Ghost Rider

2. Reno 911: Miami

3. Shooter

4. Pan’s Labyrinth

5. Apocalyto

6. Letters From Iwo Jima

That is all for now.

Paris Is Free, Thank The Lord, Paris Is Free
June 27, 2007

So Paris Hilton is finally out of jail, i mean i couldn’t take the last three weeks. Not being able to see her face and skeleton-like physique on every tabloid and magazine has made me die a little on the inside. NOT

Last night i flipped through the TV and landed on Access Hollywood, and it seemed like they were doing an all day special on Paris’ release. They had footage of Paris leaving the jail and running to her parents in their all black Escalade. The sad thing is, is that Paris actually looked good.

She was wearing normal jeans, and had little to no make up on and her hair was in pigtails. It also looked like she had actually eaten a meal during her stay in prison because i could no longer see the blood flowing down her veins.

She looked actually healthy, which made her seem allot more attractive than her usual Lord Skeletor look. Once Paris left the jail, paparazzi came out of the wood works. I’m talking like two hundred paparazzi chase her car down, and at every stop light, cars would block their car from moving so the paparazzi could get more pics of the newly-free Paris.

I could care less that Paris Hilton is out of jail. I could care less that Paris Hilton went to jail. Why does she command so much attention? she is so thin she is sickly-looking, her head is top-heavy because of all the make up she wears, and her vocabulary hasn’t even reach double digits yet. Do we really show her all this attention just because she is rich?

Religious Saints, Or Flat Out Liars?
June 27, 2007

With all of the hype already surrounding the 2008 presidential elections we’re learning where the candidates stand. We have a big group of republican candidates putting themselves out there as primary hopefuls, and an almost equal in size group for the democrats.

On both sides there seems to be this running trend—saying that you’re a certain religion, but having little to do with its morals, values, and beliefs. While this hypocrisy is nothing new to politics, it was brought to my attention yesterday. The Washington Post had a feature on President Bush and Hilary Clinton, saying that they were both of the Methodist faith.

Now I’m sure this is true, but how aware of this has the American public been in regards to these two politicians and their religion? When campaigning for president, President Bush wore his Christian faith on his sleeve. This probably played a big role in his being drafted by the conservative base during the 2000 presidential election. Throughout his political career he has continued to govern and abide by his beliefs. Things like gay marriage, abortion, and stem cell research he has opposed and vetoed during his presidency. All of these choices are biblical, and inline with his beliefs. While many disagree with some of the president’s choices, I think this is incredibly admirable. I don’t believe anyone can sincerely call him a “liar” and “hypocrite” and know what they’re talking about.

Now let’s take a look at Hilary’s beliefs. She’s a self-proclaimed Methodist yet she supports gay marriage, is a celebrated pro-choicer, and supports stem cell research. All of this goes against what her religion states. I think this is a disgrace to Methodists and that this denomination would prefer that she didn’t use their title. When it comes down to it, she isn’t a Methodists if she doesn’t believe or abide by “her beliefs,” she’s really just a liar.

But Hilary isn’t alone. Look at Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, and just about any other democrat running for office these days. Way too often do politicians, especially liberal ones, use the “I’m a: Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, or whatever other church I attend twice a year” as a title when asked about their religion. Not only are they being dishonest, but they are reflecting poorly on these churches. In my opinion they’d be better off to say the truth, which is probably along the lines of, “My parents were Methodists, but I don’t really believe, practice, or know what my religion says.” I think this is definitely more admirable than flat out lying and voting against their so-called “beliefs.”

Driving down 395
June 27, 2007

Today, I took a wrong turn on the way home from work and ended up at the mixing bowl.

I found my way back home to Arlington by taking I-395 and I found it a most interesting stretch of highway. First, can I say how cool it is to be driving on mile 0 of a highway. In order to get to mile 0 of I-66, I’d have to go all the way to Straussburg, and for I-95, I’d have to go to the North Carolina/Virginia border.

For the first two miles or so, construction was taking place on the highway so everything was relegated to one line. Why don’t they do their construction at night (as in between midnight and 6 AM)? That’s an interesting question that perhaps someone should investigate. Maybe someone at NBC 4 News wants to incorporate it into the traffic report?

Between miles 2 and 3 there was a sign that said “Speed limit enforced by aircraft.” No, I am not making that up. And here I thought, the GW Parkway’s policy of radar enforcement was a little excessive. It doesn’t strike me as cost effective to build an entire set of radar speed detectors when you can just station a police car along the highway, so you can imagine my feelings about using an airplane to detect speeders. How the hell is an airplane going to identify your license plate? I think that must have been a joke, or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Exit 5 (the exits and miles coincide) is King Street which happens to hit Route 7 at the one point in its entire stretch where there isn’t traffic congestion. When people say they hate the traffic in Northern Virginia, they’re usually just talking about Route 7.

Exit 6 is Shirlington Circle, which could make for a great amusement park ride, if it weren’t a highway ramp.

Around Exit 7, I started thinking about those Yellow Cylinders that line the off-ramps. You know, the kinds that you also see at construction sites that are made of plastic. Are those to cushion the impact if a car goes out of control and crashes into one of them? I think that if I was swerving out of control on I-395 and there was absolutely no way I could avoid a car crash, I think I’d just aim straight for those plastic cylinders, because it kind of looks fun. It looks like go-karting.

Around Exit 8, the new Air Force Memorial by the Pentagon comes into view. So does the Navy Annex. I keep hearing it is going to be torn down but I hope not.

If you take Exit 8B, 27 East, you come across what I believe to be the most beautiful view of Washington D.C. on the Virginia side. You gotta sneak a peak quick because it falls out of view as you turn past Columbia Pike.

I didn’t get off there, though. I went straight for the GW Parkway at Exit 10. To get to it, you get off at the left lane. The left lane, you say? Yes sir. It’s one of those little pranks that the highway planners must have pulled on us when they were building the highway and for that reason most people never get to the left lane in time.

If there’s a theme to this article at all, it’s that driving is always an adventure. Even if it’s in your hometown, driving is a great way to learn about the nature of a place.

Worst Day Ever
June 26, 2007

So up until right now, 2:26 p.m. today has been one of my worst days ever.
I woke up at around 9;30 a.m., and had to be at work by 10, and I live about 6 minutes away so I had to rush just a bit. I got dressed quickly, and went into my kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal and briefly scan the sports section of the Washington Post.

its now about 9:47 when my relatively large black and white cat jumped up unto the kitchen table, then running across the table to my bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. He knocked the bowl off the table, destroying the magazine, breaking the bowl on the floor and spilling crap everywhere.

Hearing this commotion, my two Labrador retrievers naturally ran into the kitchen to try and lick up the remaining bits of cereal. I had to shoo them out of the way so i could clean up the broken bowl.

No its 9:55 and i am finally out the door, i make it about 3 blocks to the corner of Western Ave and Mass Ave, right at Westmoreland circle, when i realize i forgot my security badge to get into the building today, so i decide to go 3 blocks back and get it, cursing ensues.

Roughly 10:02 now, and i sprint into my house to get the badge, upon entering my house, i drop my cell phone, and the antennae pops off. JUST GREAT.

I decide to not bother with the cell phone. I grab the two parts and get back in my car, and start back off to work. its now 10:05, back at Westmoreland circle. I cross the circle and try to turn onto Brandywine ave. when out of nowhere, BOOM. flat tire.

At this time, the cursing i had already started to do is now about 30 decibels louder and much much more graphic. Luckily there is a Exxon at the spring valley shopping center about two blocks away.

now about 10:50, my car gets fixed, my pocket/credit card is now about $90 lighter, but i can finally go to work. Bad day over yet? NOPE

So i get to work, and i have a decent amount of stuff to work on. I log on to my computer to get started around 11:05 but none of the network configuration works, absolutely frozen. So i sit there for an hour thinking of stuff i could do, but nothing i can do is capable of being done without the Internet. so i wait for the IT guy to come by playing lots of solitaire and hearts (Most boring games ever) then i go to lunch and pay $6 for a decent lunch.

It is now 2:38, my computer still doesn’t work, but the other intern left for today so i logged on to my network and it seems to be working. You are now reading the first thing i got accomplished today, my blog, after almost 5 hours.

what a day