Hi everyone,

My name is Matthew Calcagni, but everyone calls me Cal. I am a summer intern here at NBC-4 and I am working in the Sales/ DC Scene department.

I am from Frederick, MD and the college that I go to is McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. I am a Communications major. I am particularly interested in having a career in editing/ production for a television studio.

A current Communication project that I am working on is helping Dr. Mohammed Esa from the Foreign Languages Department on developing a documentary on an annual campus event which he runs called German American Day. My tasks for the job so far have consisted of the following: selecting 5-7 clips of the best or standout events from each year of German American Day event from 1995 to 2006; creating a title list for all of the clips and a unique main title for each year’s theme of German American Day; and conducting interviews with two professors and two students who have attended several German American Day events at McDaniel and taught or helped to teach a German American Day student workshop. I also video recorded these interviews onto a DV tape so that the interviews could get added in to the other footage for the German American Day event. The project is still not finished but both Dr. Esa and myself are planning to resume working on it in the fall.

That is all about me for now. Tomorrow I will talk about my hobbies and the clubs/ organizations that I am involved in.


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