Man Tries to jump the Pope

So, yesterday, while taking my lunch break in the cafeteria, i gazed upon the TV and the News was on. I noticed that the news story was about the Pope. the video footage showed a man jump over a barricade while the Pope was being toured down a street in his “Pope-mobile”. The man made it maybe seven feet before five or six large security guards clotheslined the man to the ground.

this got me thinking, if you were going to try and attack the leader of the entire Catholic church, one of the most recognizable people in the entire world, don’t you think that trying to make a run at him in plain view of the public isn’t really the best idea? I mean, the last Pope we had was shot at on more than one occasion, and because of this, his car was armoured with bullet proof glass, so one would think that hand-to-hand combat is taking a couple steps back.

I’m not trying to endorse attacks on the Pope, but rather mock and belittle the decision-making process of the man who actually thought that his plan would work.


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