Paris a Free Woman?

Big news three days ago was that Paris Hilton was finally entering an LA county jail and would be there for 23 days. Today, the young heiress was “transferred” to her house to finish the sentence on home arrest because of a “medical condition” (a rash.) The original court order said that, after violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case, she would serve 90 days in jail.

This of course was reduced to the 23-day sentence with special privileges like one hour of cell phone use a day and her own prison cell. Now three days later Paris is essentially a free woman. Spending the next two and a half weeks in a luxurious home in LA sounds like a laid back vacation away from the daily rat race for most people.

So why do celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (whose car was recently found to have a usable amount of cocaine in it) just get a slap on the hand when committing life-threatening crimes like driving under the influence? Common, non-public figures are normally penalized to the max for such irresponsible behavior.

When the courts give into spoiling celebrities with what they want, and not making them pay the consequences, they don’t learn and they definitely don’t change. LA county judges and jails aren’t doing anyone a favor when sentences are cut short. If they really wanted the best for young starlets they’d make them experience what it’s like for a normal person who breaks the law. Paris is getting older and her behavior is continuing on a carefree, immature path. The only way to help her and make her change is to make her pay the consequences, not give her special treatment.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, I’m a fellow D.C. Scene Writer and I’m not sure I agree with you here. For one thing, Paris Hilton can’t control anything about this process at this point. It seemed to me that she tried to hold her head up high and suck it up, but I think the thing to remember is this isn’t a situation whether Paris herself is having the choice on her own whether to be a responsible adult or not. It’s between the sherrif and the judge, so we can’t really judge her for any of this. I think Paris Hilton is such an interesting news story and her going to jail is very symbolic of much of our celebrity culture today that it’s very interesting to write about.

  2. oko, you are crazy

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