Too Easy of a Sentence for Hall?

Last week’s tragic news of the kidnapping and murder of 18-year-old Kansas girl Kelsey Smith broke hearts everywhere. Smith was on the verge of beginning her adult life. She’d graduated high school a week prior, was planning on attending college at Kansas State University in fall and had a boyfriend that planned to propose to her soon. Smith was also said to be a good student, a great singer, a friendly girl, and very involved with her family that loved her dearly.

While I think the time in this young girl’s life made it that much more hard to accept for the people around her, it’s painful when any kind of abduction happens. Someone has committed a horrible, mentally corrupt crime and should be held responsible to the max. So why is the sentence being given to Edwin R. Hall, the kidnapper and murderer in the case, likely just 25 years in jail for murder, and an additional 12 for the abduction? He’s taken someone’s life, ended it all in one psychotic move, and is still being given part of his life to enjoy as a free man?

Needless to say he’ll be a very old, free man as he is in his mid 20s right now, and will be in his young 60s if the court sticks to this sentence for the release date. But regardless, he’ll be a free man at some point, and quite possibly sooner than later with today’s easy-going parole adjustments to prison sentences. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

Now, I’m not suggesting the death sentence, as I don’t believe in capital punishment, but I do think locking this guy up for the rest of his life would keep us all a little safer. Especially criminals with such a violent, unstable history as Hall. Since the age of seven his foster family had problems with him. Throughout his adolescence he’d pulled a knife on his adoptive sister, beaten an older man with a baseball bat in the head, been charged with theft, and the list goes on.

My feeling is with a history like these incidences alone he shouldn’t be given many liberties. And now with the heartbreaking loss of Smith, Hall should have zero freedom left and needs to remain locked up the rest of his life.


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  1. He surely should never see the light of day. I, however, believe strongly in the death penalty and think he should be put to death. As I do w/ any one who would murder somebody in cold blood-as in this case.

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