Duke Rape Prosecutor Finally Gets Prosecuted

So by now practically all of America has some knowledge of the fiasco that was the Duke lacrosse rape case. This week begins hopefully the final chapter in the whole case, as case prosecutor Mike Nifong starts his own prosecution case. He is being prosecuted for law ethics because of the way he handled the Duke case.

Nifong’s approach in the Duke case was extremely unethical. He almost went about the case as if the players involved were already guilty, and they were trying to convince Nifong they were innocent. When the witness went in to identify her attackers, the lineup placed in front of her was made up of only members of the Duke lacrosse team, as to indicate that the attackers had to be one of the team members. Even if the witness was lying, there was no way the prosecution could find out from the lineup, because regardless of who she picked out of the lineup, it had to be a member from the lacrosse team.

On several occasions, Nifong called the team “a bunch of hooligans” and “nothing more than a bunch of upper class, over-privileged jocks”. For him to make these comments during the case indicates how strongly he felt about getting the team members convicted.

As a current college lacrosse player, I am somewhat bias. I grew up outside of Washington D.C and played on the same select lacrosse team as 3 members of the 2006 Duke lacrosse team, so from the start of this case I had a strong belief that the rape allegations were false. There were points in which I did think it was possible that this could actually have happened, but after reading the statements made by the victim, even I, a college junior, could determine that this lady was clearly off her rocker, and what she said was completely false.

I am absolutely thrilled that Nifong is being prosecuted for the way he handled this case, because in my opinion, the rape case was nothing more than a witch hunt, and Nifong should be punished for ruining the reputation and a full season of the Duke lacrosse program, not to mention the entire sport of lacrosse, which has been on a huge rise in the past 10 years. This case caste a huge black cloud over the game of lacrosse, something that should have never happened.


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