Education, Travel Expensive…Not a new thing.

Tuition is expensive, so are student fees. Text Book prices are high (always have been.). Now gas Prices have skyrocketed. Besides robbing you of your money, the other big thing they have in common is the conversational quality of all of them. People are always grumbling about them. While these put a damper on our pocket books, are they really worth complaining about every time you have to pay for them?

A major pet peeve of mine is people whining about paying for something that always has been and probably always will be expensive. Textbooks are the perfect example. When the beginning of every term rolls around you hear someone, be it a friend or classmate, talking about how much they had to pay at the bookstore. While it’s no fun to fork over your hard-earned money, complaining isn’t going to change anything. It’s inevitable, every semester you’re going to need new (or used) books to excel in class.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have to pay anywhere between $100 and $300 either. This is how it has been since our parents were students (considering inflation,) and probably our grandparents too. In fact, today we have an advantage over generations before us. We’re able to shop online and find discounted prices.

The same for tuition costs. It’s true, they’re rising. A lot of things are a factor. Less government funding, tax cuts, and so on. This shouldn’t surprise people either. In fact, I personally would much rather pay more for MY tuition, rather than see an increase in taxes, and pay for someone else’s education.

And now gas prices. Every day on the radio, in the paper, on the news and in casual conversation we hear about the rising cost of gas. Which state has the highest prices, the lowest, increases and decreases in prices. All the briefing just seems to generate more whining amongst people. While it’s good that we are aware of where our money goes, especially with important commodities like fuel, is all the complaining necessary? My advice is to do the public transportation thing if possible. If not, buy the gas when you have to and drive only when necessary. Everyone’s already aware that textbooks, gas, tuition, etc. are expensive. Complaining about it isn’t going to help.


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