Evidence for what may have started the random facts about Chuck Norris

As a response to the previous blog, on Chuck Norris, there is a website called “4Q.cc >> And now a random fact about Vin Diesel…” (4q.cc/index.php?pid=fact&person=vin). The easiest way to find this site to Google “Random Facts about Chuck Norris” and click on the first result. Then click on the “About 4Q.cc” section on the right column of the web page and they talk about the history of the website. This history not only includes their claim to fame of creating their influential website on random jokes about Chuck Norris but also for Vin Diesel and Mr.T.

What convinced me that their story is genuine and credible were the articles and honorable mentions that their website has received, specifically from the Washington Post, ESPN.com, and AIM Today.

I will end by mentioning two other things:

1. That the head of the 4qcc website is run by a college student named Ian who goes to Brown University.

2. The 4qcc lists College Humor and Cracked.com as links, calls them their “partners in crime”

What the significance of fact 2 is, I don’t know other than all the website’s target primary audience are teenagers and college students and I recall reading a credible article, which says that College Humor.com is created by four guys who just graduated from college.

There will be more to come on the College Humor websites history on another day.

So, there you have it.


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  1. ha ha haahahhahahah

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