Is “A Fat Rant” Legitimate?

A recent video post by Joy Nash titled “A Fat Ran” is getting a lot of attention. Over 700,000 hits of online attention to be exact. Nash talks about the trials fat people go through and how it’s just not worth it to let it affect your life (i.e., using it as an excuse for the reasons people may not like you/hire you/ ask you out.)

While I think the video was funny, smart, and creative, and that Nash is a very likeable girl with lots of personality, it seems like her reasons behind why it’s OK to be fat were a little shaky. She hits on the genetics thing of course. While genes and our body structure are clearly out of our control, being overweight is certainly in most people’s power. Big bones and thick appendages are certainly factors in what make us bigger or smaller people. However, excess body fat is totally a decision of each individual. I know this isn’t brain science, but when people use the genetics thing as a reason for their size, it’s a little irritating.

Calorie intake and expenditure, I believe, are the biggest factors in being overweight —not genes. Whither we’re overweight or underweight, our diet is what affects us most. In the video she gives statistics to show that diets just don’t work. Ninety eight percent of the people will just gain the weight back, she says, and a successful diet is a “freak occurrence.” I strongly have to disagree. I don’t think that a successful diet is so much a freak occurrence; so much as it is a display of the will and drive of the dieter.

Yes it’s OK to be overweight if it doesn’t bother you or hold you back from doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do. But if you’re one of those people who gets down on themselves and says things like “Oh, I just can’t seem to loose any weight,” then scarfs down fast-food every day for lunch you have no reason to get down—it’s your own fault (not that of your genes.)

On a different note, I thought a “Skinny Rant” would be a good idea, as gaining weight seems to be harder for some than losing weight. Lots of people, especially teenage males, are just as insecure about this topic as overweight people are about being fat. We’ll see, I know that there’s already a lot of video responses online to the Fat Rant.


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