Farewell Isaiah

It was announced earlier this week that Isaiah Washington, one of the stars of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, was being let go for using an anti-gay slur about one of his homosexual co-workers on the set of the hit series. He said the term, as reported by People Magazine, in a heated argument off camera, where only people involved in the show could hear it.

While saying offensive things about people isn’t nice, it happens all the time. People say negative things about their co-workers, bosses and employees way too often and people just don’t lose their job over it. But when it comes to the homosexual, race, gender, and any other politically sensitive issue out there, companies are so conscious of it that it results in unnecessary firings. While I understand that ABC is a major network and that the actors represent it in away, I definitely would prefer to see a company that doesn’t cower down to today’s over the top political correctness, but rather allows its employees to exercise the normal freedoms of being an American (like freedom of speech) and not jump to the ridiculous conclusions that they are a racist/sexist/homophobe or what have you.

I feel sorry for Washington, and think that it’s just ludicrous that he is losing his job over this. Especially because the co-worker he was arguing with, Patrick Dempsey, told him to ‘f—off’ during the argument. Does telling someone to ‘f—off’ sound just as offensive as calling someone a name to anyone else? Both shouldn’t be done at work of course, but still, if you’re going to fire someone for the language that they use at work, you’ve at least got to be fair right?


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  1. i’m glad that guys has been fired. it’s about time abc stepped up to the plate.

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