Give Me My Old Television Back

I remember the good ol‘ days when my mom had to practically pry my eyes off of the television set because I had been basically stuck to it for 5 hours in a row. Today, I doubt I could force myself to watch even a single hour of the “reality” soaked content that fills the all mighty boob-tube. Well, I take that back, I can watch hours upon hours of ESPN, Comedy Central and the Discovery channel, but that’s only because those channels contain real programming.

I swear, every mid-summer, and early-fall when the big broadcast companies broadcast the trailers for their new shows, I look at them and think, “They cant be serious. these people cant really think I would tune in for even 30 minutes to see former celebrities try to become real police detectives.” The amount of crap shows that get put on the air is becoming absurd. I mean, i know that half of these shows go only one or two episodes before the companies realize “Wow, so these people actually do think that giving Emeril Legace his own sitcom is a bad idea”.

There are plenty of good shows on network television that get cancelled in favor of new, and absolutely terrible shows. For example, after two years of broadcast, FOX cancelled Family Guy in favor of a new fall lineup, which included a reality show called “Whose Your Daddy”, that involved an adopted woman trying to pick her biological father out of a group of impostors. Like, are you serious? I really hope someone got smacked in the face, when this show got pitched at the FOX network A year Later, The Family Guy DVD set is the highest selling DVD in the entire country.

I am absolutely sick of reality television. If i were in charge (which i am not, but should be) I would remove 99% of all reality TV shows (I would leave the Deadliest Catch and Survivor). the VH1 channel would be blown up to pieces. For the majority of my life, i thought VH1 was a music channel, but all they have is shows about former second- rate celebrities trying to coencide with eachothers drug-addicted egos.

Seriously, do we as people think that Paris Hilton trying to milk a cow is so entertaining?
What is so interesting about watching a family where the mother is swapped with another mother, usually of a different race or religion, just to stir the pot a bit.

I think it is really sad, because, I used to love watching television, but today, I feel like when I watch anything aside from sports, I lose brain cells, not to mention that a little part of myself dies on the inside.

If I really wanted to see what other people were doing i wouldnt be watching “reality” TV, i would just go outside, and actually watch reality take place, not this fake reality that occurs on television.


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