Thursday Night Kickball

Last night I played my first kickball game here as an intern at NBC. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting friends of the DC Scene website as well as hanging out with my Agency Supervisor Greg Hudson, Troy, one of the other interns working in the DC scene, and other people that I work with here at NBC-4.

After the game, both teams went to the Angry Inch Bar in Adams Morgan. At the bar, everyone goes up to the second floor and enjoys $2.00 drafts and $10.00 pitchers of beer. The majority of the people from both teams enjoy themselves also by playing the drinking game “Flip Cup” and watching the various sports games on the TV at the bar among other things.

Unfortunately the season is coming to an end for this year in 2 weeks. Next week is a by-week for our DC Scene team which means that while there will not be a kickball game next week the team will still be going to the Angry Inch Bar. That’s all for now about kickball and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Angry Inch next Thursday.


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  1. i play in the same league. i’m on joe reamer team. thursdays in adams morgan right?

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