Grannies, Tourists, and Perverts, Oh My.

All too often I forget that the culprits of this world are never who we’d perceive them to be. In just the past few days I’ve seen and heard of different incidents where the bad guy isn’t the obvious criminal that is easily pointed out in a crowd of people, but instead seemingly-normal like the rest of us.

For example, Saturday evening while walking in Virginia I saw a sweet old granny trying to parallel park on King Street. After several attempts of backing in and pulling out she finally smashed the back of her Jeep Liberty into the front of a smaller car doing some serious damage to the grill and lights. Concerned for the driver of the car that maybe the older woman didn’t notice, the person I was with got her attention and pointed at the car. Without time to think twice, the granny put it in drive and got the heck out of the crime scene. I just thought to myself, wow, a little old lady totally just pulled a hit and run. Who would’ve imagined?

Then Sunday at the World War II Memorial there was an incident with some park police and a guy at the monument. It was brought to my attention that a man disguised as an avid picture-taking tourist was actually a pervert in disguise. Police caught a man dressed in a total tourist get-up (a hat, back pack, shorts, walking shoes, and a camera) filming up girls’ skirts at the monument across the way while they were sitting on the steps of the fountain. I was able to see this “tourist” and can vouch that he didn’t look like the creeps on the street that walk around unkempt, wearing dirty clothes. He was just a normal looking guy, playing the role of a tourist.

And today it was announced that the Brits busted a humungous pedophile ring. Around 700 were nabbed on a child pornography website. Obviously I don’t know what type of people this freaks physically appeared to be, but one can assume that again they didn’t all look like Timothy McFee, Charles Manson, or other various weirdos. But still, 700, that’s a huge number of people—some of them had to be normal looking. When things like this happen, it’s just a good reminder to me that there’s so many creeps out there that we are often side by side with and don’t even know it.


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  1. i dont think anything is wrong with that!!!!

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