I Hate Speeding/Parking Tickets

I do imagine that after reading the headline for this, you should have an understanding about what i am about to share with you.
I despise parking tickets, and loathe the Washington D.C. area Law Enforcement.

I have lived on the outskirts of D.C my entire life (Literally 100yd from the border of MD and DC) and since getting my drivers license in 2002, i have received three parking tickets and three speeding tickets. However i have yet to encounter an officer on any of these infractions. Every one of my speeding tickets has come while driving on MacArthur Blvd in Washington D.C. it is a 25MPH road, and i have received tickets for going 31, 34, and 35. every one of these tickets has been issued via speed cameras that the police have set up and down the entire stretch of MacArthur. Since my last ticket, any time i have to drive on MacArthur, i get off at the first side street and drive from there, because going even four miles over the limit could get you a ticket.

I received my first parking ticket outside of a Chipotle restaurant near Friendship Heights. Apparently the front end of my car was out of the two-hour parking zone and was in a no parking zone, which warranted me a $35 ticket.

My second parking ticket occurred in Bethesda over this past Christmas break. A friend and I had gone out to a bar in Bethesda to drink with some of our high school buddies. When we left, i had consumed probably 3-5 beers, but as a large individual, i will still in a clear state of mind. When we went to drive back to my friends house, which could not have been more than 3 blocks away on the other side of Wisconsin Ave, we noticed at least ten cop cars doing sobriety check points. We decided to park the car, walk home, and i could come back for it in the morning. when i came back to my car in the morning (Probably no later that 9:45am) i had a $50 parking ticket for parking in a zone which is illegal to park in from 9am-6pm. I think it is absolutely bogus that i should have to pay a ticket for being responsible. In lieu of driving mere blocks away with a couple of brews in me, We made the right decision to park, and walk home, something that the law enforcement services promote. Then they turn around and give me a ticket for leaving my parked car there over night. It is absolutely absurd.

My most current parking violation is even worse than this last story. I went to work for my father down near Farragut North one day over spring break, so i parked my car near Friendship heights metro, put money in the meter, and took the metro down. Upon returning to my car from work, around 5pm, i noticed that not only my car, but the two cars in front of mine, had all received parking tickets. However my ticket was not for parking with an expired meter (Which it was) but for having expired tags on my license plate. This is absurd because i just got new tags put on my car at the beginning of 2007. All the other cars in front of mine had gotten $35 parking tickets, while my car received a $100 ticket for improper license plate tags.

I wrote the Law arbitration office (The place they deal with tickets) and explained to the what had happened, i even mentioned that i should have been charged with a $35 ticket for an expired meter. I gave them all my license information as well. a month and a half later, i got another letter in the mail saying that i failed to pay my first ticket, and it had been raised to $200. This time i wrote another letter, and took pictures of my license plate with all the tags to verify the authenticity of the tags.

I have yet to hear back from them, and i hope that the pictures i have sent in have shut them up, and realized what a mistake they had made.
I know that writing parking tickets probably adds more to the police officer’s quota or something like that, but in the 5 years i have been driving, i have yet to receive a parking or speeding ticket that i actually deserves, not to mention receiving one from a real officer.


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  1. i agree. those speed cameras are a joke. studies have shown that they actually cause more accidents because people slam on their brakes when they notice the camera.

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