The Worst Owner in Baseball (And Its Not George Stienbrenner)

There are not that many people that I could, off the top of my head, automatically qualify for my top 5 List of People i wish would Drop Dead, however, for the past seven years, there has been one guy who I have wanted to see hit by a mack truck more than anyone else.
Peter Angelos

If you are not familiar with him, he is, and has been the owner of the Baltimore Orioles for at least the past 10 or so years. Back when i was a wee lad growing up in Bethesda, MD, my father and I would frequent Baltimore Orioles games. This was back when they had Cal Ripken Jr. Rafeal Palmero, Robby Alomar Jr., Bobby Bonilla, Chris Hoyles, Brady Anderson, B.J Surhoff, Mike Bordick, Harold Baines, and Mike Mussina. Basically they had an all-star caliber roster. The O’s made several trips to the ALCS during the mid to late 90’s. The most historic of which, included a fly ball being ripped away by a 12 year old fan while playing the Yankees in NYC in the 1996 ALCS. This fan, Geoffrey Maier, would become infamous for his actions. hes probably in my top 10 of people i want to see die, mostly because i was at that game.

Anyway, the Orioles, had a powerful lineup, and they also had a fantastic manager in Davey Johnson. Once the major league had a strike in the mid 90’s the fan base plummeted. When the strike happened i remember my dad saying he would never return to Camden Yards again because he did not want to put any more money in Angelos’s pocket. I now see why.

Over the next 3 years, fired the manager in the midst of a 3 team race with the Red Soxs and Yankees for the AL crown, and subsequently started to dismantle the roster. Angelos got rid of Palmero, Alomar, and Baines, and DH who had been with the O’s for all of my childhood.
Angelos gave Mike Mussina, one of the games best pitchers, to the Yankees, got rid of Bonilla, Bordick, and Brady Anderson, not to mention the retirement of Cal Ripken Jr.
Angelos brought in big hitter Albert Belle, who had a history of attitude problems, and gave him one of the biggest contracts in MLB history. Belle was out of Baltimore by the next year.
The Orioles plummeted to the bottom of the AL East. Even though it is a tough division, Angelos’s poor management skills definitely was a key contributor to this.

Since Davey Johnsons firing, Angelos has hired 6 managers, and fired all 6 of them, the most recent being Sam Perlozzo, who was fired this week amidst a 8 game losing streak.

I also forgot to mention that during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, Angelos tried to single-handedly buy and put together the Greek national baseball team (The host country gets an automatic slot in every Olympic event). Greece has never been know for its baseball, so Angelos went out and found all the players he could with any linkage of Greek heritage. What he put together was a team of semi- pros and minor leaguers who were anywhere from 1/6th to 1/12th Greek. It is stunts like this that let the rest of the world know how much of an egotistical, narrow minded owner he is.

Last year, the fans of Baltimore staged a walk out during one of the final games of the season to show their disdain of Angelos. In a recent MLB players poll, Angelos was ranked 2nd behind Yankees owner George Stienbrenner as being the most hated owner in the game, and received the majority of the votes for “worst owner in baseball”

As a former Orioles fan, i wish that there was some way that it was capable to fire or get rid of Angelos, he is a terrible owner, and terrible person and should be removed from Baseball. Because of him i had to abandon my favorite baseball team, and now root for the Nationals, an equally pathetic team, but unlike the Orioles, they have a promising future. Until Angelos is removed from Power in Baltimore, i don’t see the Orioles gaining any ground in the dominant AL East.
And it is a shame.


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