Thanks but No Thanks, Rosie

After leaving The View last month, Rosie O’Donnell has announced she’s after The Price Is Right host position. Bob Barker’s retirement from the show has left a convenient opening, and big shoes to fill. Not only is he one of the sweetest old guys, but he’s so likeable too. He just seemed like a true old-fashioned gentleman with a lot of class, that people easily fell in love with during the 35 years he did the show.

That being said, would plugging Rosie into the host position really be a smart choice for CBS? First of all, there’s all the controversy that has surrounded this woman lately. She’s been up in arms with the Trump family, who haven’t really ever done anything to her. She was in several heated arguments on The View, some of which were political and pertaining to the war in Iraq. She’s also a lesbian with four kids, all being raised by her and her partner. While this is her choice, it’s a topic that is extremely debated and not in accordance with the beliefs of the majority of Americans, as displayed over and over again by different polls and elections.

So taking a nice old guy like Bob Barker and replacing him with Rosie seems like it may be a little difficult to make jive. Yes, she’s a recognized TV personality, but is she gaining or losing more supporters? My guess is losing support from mainstream audiences, maybe gaining some momentum from the far left. Regardless who’s on her side, she’s earning quite an obnoxious reputation for herself.

Now think about the environment and audience of The Price Is Right. The audience (both in the studio and at home) is an older crowd. I’d say mostly senior citizens. Older people tend to be more conservative and frown on things like homosexuality and, in my experience, annoying loud mouths. Another big issue—The Price Is Right girls. I’m sure you remember what they look like: thin to curvy, pretty, usually wearing something revealing, most are blonde, all are tan. Some have posed for Playboy, others are just models. How awkward will this be for Rosie? Does she agree with women “being objectified” like this? She is so far left and a proud lesbian, she might not approve. And will the girls be comfortable working with Rosie? She has been known to snap and get bossy.

It seems to me that Rosie being the new host may be a little unwanted. Not only will she not mesh with the surroundings, but does the majority of America really want to see her hosting the classic show? It may just mean game show suicide for CBS. At least until they try her out, it fails, and they get a new host.


3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say I agree with you. Nice post. (I publicly disagreed with 2 of your posts so i thought i’d give credit where credit is due)

  2. I think Bob Barker would be one of the last people to fall into the category of “sweetest old guy.” He’s been sued at least 8 times by models from the show for sexual harassment and various other wrong-doings. He’s pretty much a dirty old man.

    Nevertheless, Rosie would suck. She’s obnoxious.

  3. rosie is one sick pig

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