Congressional Confusion

Listening to the news every morning has made me wonder, why does congress keep trying to create bills that the president is simply going to veto? And why does Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed shocked after every time this happens?

Trying to defund the war and set a timetable simply isn’t in the Bush administration’s plans. Neither is going green with cars and fuel. You can clearly forget about stem cell research and civil unions. The president is clearly not interested, and will veto these types of bills soon after congress has spent hours discussing and creating them. He is a conservative politician and obviously is not interested in their attempts at liberal policies.

So why do they continue to waist their time and taxpayers money on creating these hopeful bills that most likely wont even be considered for compromise? Instead of just putting cooperative ideas out there, congress continues to be wasteful of time and resources. If anyone has an explanation please do comment.


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  1. I would say I totally agree!

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