Your a Bum, Rock, Your a Bum

This past weekend, the Spike Channel for Men had a all-day-long Rocky marathon.
Being an avid Rocky fan, I decided i would sit down for almost fifteen hours and indulge myself in classic movie presence. After watching the whole marathon, the next day i was at my friends house, and we decided to watch Rocky Balboa, which he had just got on DVD. After watching this movie, i was able to analyze the whole Rocky anthology, and i have made a few notes.

1. The Rocky anthology has some of the best montage scenes i have ever seen in any series of movies I’ve seen. (see Rocky IV for best montage scenes

2. I do not think that Rocky V is as bad as everyone thinks. The scenario of the movie as well as the plot make perfect sense in the overall scheme of things in the anthology. I actually like how the movie ends with a street fight instead of a boxing match. However, some of the acting was a little cheezy, even for the Rocky series.

3. The bad guys in the series I think are far better than any other villains in any other movie series. Think about it, Apollo Creed 1 and 2, Clubber Lang in 3, Ivan Drago in 4, Tommy Gunn in 5 and Mason Dixon in Rocky Balboa. I honestly think that Clubber Lang (Played by Mr. T) and Ivan Drago are to of the greatest movie villains of all time.

4. Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky 6) is a really good movie. I know it got bad reviews, and allot of people thought it was too sappy, and didn’t make any sense, but i loved it. They didn’t make the plot to absurd by making Rocky come back and win the title belt. I like how they made it only an exhibition fight, but cinematically made it feel as though he was fighting Mason Dixon for the heavyweight title belt. The only thing i didn’t like was the lack of montage scenes, something that has made the Rocky movies famous.

5. The music in the Rocky movies is far superior to any other movie music i have seen in a series of movies.

6. Rocky IV may be considered one of the best movies ever created. I think that the hidden element of the Cold War (This underdog US fighter vs. huge, over powerful Soviet fighter) makes the movie more than just a sports movie. It is truly an great movie.


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