Celebrities & Personal Problems, Does Anyone Really Care?

Every once in a while I’ll see a blurb in a magazine about some star’s struggle with her weight, bulimia, self esteem, or other personal issues. Now, opening up to friends and people close to you about these issues is one thing, but opening up to the entire English literate world, that’s another.

While these problems are nothing to scoff at, what makes celebrities think that we are really interested in their private problems? When a beautiful girl like Katherine McPhee looks in the mirror and thinks, “Eww, my body’s just so gross. I need to make my self puke,” Does she really think we are compelled, inspired, or intrigued by hearing about this? And does she feel it’s appropriate to share these problems with the entire world? I know, I know what the typical defense is: “People will relate, and see the courage that I (the celebrity) had in order to get help.” But still, it may just keep their image a little more positive and smart-seeming if they don’t open a vein and bleed for a Cosmo interview.

I’m of the opinion that peoples’ business is peoples’ business, and I think many others agree with this. While I usually find celebrity interviews very intriguing, I also think there’s a point when a line needs to be drawn on the topics they’re going to discuss. I think an interview guideline for them should be: If you wouldn’t discuss it on late night, light hearted shows like Conan O’Brian or David Letterman, then don’t discuss it in magazines, cry about it in the Barbara Walters interview, or whine on Oprah how hard life is for your rich and famous self. The majority of the world would love to have your lifestyle, eating disorders and all. .


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