Worst Day Ever

So up until right now, 2:26 p.m. today has been one of my worst days ever.
I woke up at around 9;30 a.m., and had to be at work by 10, and I live about 6 minutes away so I had to rush just a bit. I got dressed quickly, and went into my kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal and briefly scan the sports section of the Washington Post.

its now about 9:47 when my relatively large black and white cat jumped up unto the kitchen table, then running across the table to my bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. He knocked the bowl off the table, destroying the magazine, breaking the bowl on the floor and spilling crap everywhere.

Hearing this commotion, my two Labrador retrievers naturally ran into the kitchen to try and lick up the remaining bits of cereal. I had to shoo them out of the way so i could clean up the broken bowl.

No its 9:55 and i am finally out the door, i make it about 3 blocks to the corner of Western Ave and Mass Ave, right at Westmoreland circle, when i realize i forgot my security badge to get into the building today, so i decide to go 3 blocks back and get it, cursing ensues.

Roughly 10:02 now, and i sprint into my house to get the badge, upon entering my house, i drop my cell phone, and the antennae pops off. JUST GREAT.

I decide to not bother with the cell phone. I grab the two parts and get back in my car, and start back off to work. its now 10:05, back at Westmoreland circle. I cross the circle and try to turn onto Brandywine ave. when out of nowhere, BOOM. flat tire.

At this time, the cursing i had already started to do is now about 30 decibels louder and much much more graphic. Luckily there is a Exxon at the spring valley shopping center about two blocks away.

now about 10:50, my car gets fixed, my pocket/credit card is now about $90 lighter, but i can finally go to work. Bad day over yet? NOPE

So i get to work, and i have a decent amount of stuff to work on. I log on to my computer to get started around 11:05 but none of the network configuration works, absolutely frozen. So i sit there for an hour thinking of stuff i could do, but nothing i can do is capable of being done without the Internet. so i wait for the IT guy to come by playing lots of solitaire and hearts (Most boring games ever) then i go to lunch and pay $6 for a decent lunch.

It is now 2:38, my computer still doesn’t work, but the other intern left for today so i logged on to my network and it seems to be working. You are now reading the first thing i got accomplished today, my blog, after almost 5 hours.

what a day


2 Responses

  1. does your phone work now?

  2. it sort of works now, i was able to clip the antennae back in, my my signal ahs gone down alot. the best signal i get now is 3 bars

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