Religious Saints, Or Flat Out Liars?

With all of the hype already surrounding the 2008 presidential elections we’re learning where the candidates stand. We have a big group of republican candidates putting themselves out there as primary hopefuls, and an almost equal in size group for the democrats.

On both sides there seems to be this running trend—saying that you’re a certain religion, but having little to do with its morals, values, and beliefs. While this hypocrisy is nothing new to politics, it was brought to my attention yesterday. The Washington Post had a feature on President Bush and Hilary Clinton, saying that they were both of the Methodist faith.

Now I’m sure this is true, but how aware of this has the American public been in regards to these two politicians and their religion? When campaigning for president, President Bush wore his Christian faith on his sleeve. This probably played a big role in his being drafted by the conservative base during the 2000 presidential election. Throughout his political career he has continued to govern and abide by his beliefs. Things like gay marriage, abortion, and stem cell research he has opposed and vetoed during his presidency. All of these choices are biblical, and inline with his beliefs. While many disagree with some of the president’s choices, I think this is incredibly admirable. I don’t believe anyone can sincerely call him a “liar” and “hypocrite” and know what they’re talking about.

Now let’s take a look at Hilary’s beliefs. She’s a self-proclaimed Methodist yet she supports gay marriage, is a celebrated pro-choicer, and supports stem cell research. All of this goes against what her religion states. I think this is a disgrace to Methodists and that this denomination would prefer that she didn’t use their title. When it comes down to it, she isn’t a Methodists if she doesn’t believe or abide by “her beliefs,” she’s really just a liar.

But Hilary isn’t alone. Look at Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, and just about any other democrat running for office these days. Way too often do politicians, especially liberal ones, use the “I’m a: Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, or whatever other church I attend twice a year” as a title when asked about their religion. Not only are they being dishonest, but they are reflecting poorly on these churches. In my opinion they’d be better off to say the truth, which is probably along the lines of, “My parents were Methodists, but I don’t really believe, practice, or know what my religion says.” I think this is definitely more admirable than flat out lying and voting against their so-called “beliefs.”


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