Rosie’s At It Again

A photo is circulating the Internet, news commentary shows, and papers that Rosie O’Donnell took and posted on her website of her 4-year-old daughter, Vivienne, dressed in bullets. While this may appear as a disturbing form of child abuse, and a very bizarre and inappropriate way of using your child, Rosie was trying to make the statement that “someone’s little girl will die tonight in Iraq.” She later went on to write that, her daughter dressed “in a soldier costume” made national news while “3,500 dead soldiers for real” got no attention.

Not only is her saying this is “shameful” ignorant, it’s also untrue. The media gives daily attention to the soldiers lost in the Iraq war. I’m not sure where she got the impression that the 3,500 dead gets no consideration. It’s on the news and in print all the time. Sometimes it’s over done. But even if she had realized that this topic does get plenty of attention, she needs to understand several things about these lives lost.

First of all, soldiers are in the service voluntarily. During this war none of them have been drafted. Therefore they went into it in fully aware that they might have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and for the freedom of other countries. Therefore when people like Rosie complain about the lives lost, they don’t realize that people did this willingly, not because the U.S. army is some “tyrant,” and not because President Bush is “evil” or whatever choice phrases she and others that disagree with the war use without really understanding what’s going on.

Secondly, not that any life lost in the service should be minimized to anything less than the sacrifice that it is, but compare the war in Iraq to past wars. Compare it to the 50,000 plus lives lost in Vietnam. Compare it to the thousands that Saddam Hussein had killed and would have probably continued to kill had not the U.S. interjected and brought some stability to Iraq and removed this dictator.

So while the occasional innocent person, or be it child, may fall in harms way in war zones, Rosie needs to realize that so many more would be long gone by now if it wasn’t for the war in Iraq. The 3,500 lives lost is a small number compared to what may have been if the U.S. hadn’t come to the rescue.


2 Responses

  1. I wish rosie would just eat herself to death.

  2. Kate: do you have a personal love for rosie?

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