Fireworks And The Fourth: Where Did It Come From?

We often find ourselves doing out of the ordinary things with each holiday. Bringing a tree indoors around Christmas, waiting anxiously for a big white bunny to bring us candy on Easter, and now with the Fourth of July it’s become habit to set off fireworks. But have you ever wondered where this whole tradition came from?

Originally, fireworks began with the Chinese and their fear of ghosts. About 900 years ago in China people were scared that evil spirits were around so they attempted to scare them away with the loud sounds of fireworks ignited with gunpowder. Throughout the years, the use of fireworks spread around the world and people started using them for more celebrative reasons like New Years festivities, weddings, and sometimes even funerals.

So coming to America with the earliest settlers was only natural then. It’s said that they used fireworks for celebrations long before the revolutionary war. Then later on in 1777, during the second Independence Day celebration, fireworks and a thirteen-gun salute in Philadelphia began the 4th of July tradition to show victory and pride in our independence from Great Britain.

Now the rest is history. Obviously we’ve gained less historical customs to accompany the tradition. Barbeques, Parades, Baseball, Beer, and Potlucks will all be part of what people do this Wednesday to celebrate the Fourth.


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