Bad News For Hillary, Bad News For Republicans

Bad news for conservative voters was announced yesterday when Barack Obama surpassed Hilary Clinton in campaign funding. This means that the strongest democrat running for president in 2008 now has the most funds. Not only will this make tougher competition for the other democratic primary hopefuls, but will also tighten up the race for whoever the republicans draft as their nominee (assuming that Obama gets the nomination.)

However you look at this means that one thing is for certain: Hilary Clinton is sliding farther and farther away from a chance at the presidency. If she were to get the nominee, it’s unlikely that she could win when up against weathered politicians like Giuliani, McCain, or even Fred Thompson. And if the democrats draft Obama over her, it obviously rules out her ever having a chance at all.

While some have to be supporting her, she’s got a few key groups that don’t. She’s lost support from feminist groups that once praised her, prior to her sticking with her unfaithful husband, and riding his coattail to political power that is. She lost the backing of many leftists when she voted to go to war in Iraq. It’s also been brought to the spotlight that she’s not very popular amongst young people. Particularly college kids who use facebook have proved a dislike for her with the 344,581 member group titled: “Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary).”

And of course, republican voters (about half of the country) have never supported her, especially since the Clintons whitewater controversy revealed in the 90s. It seems that Hilary’s chances are becoming less and less all the time. While I would love to see her get the democratic nominee so that she will go down without a chance in 2008, it looks like all hope is gone for Hillary and that the presidential race just got a lot more competitive.


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