Like Father, Like Son

Al Gore’s son was arrested yesterday for illegal possession of marijuana and prescription drugs when he was pulled over for driving 100 mph. This wasn’t a surprise to many who knew him because of his problems with drugs earlier in life (as early as middle school in fact.)

But to me, it comes as a surprise that with these facts in mind that people casted their vote for him to run the country years ago, and people continue to praise him. I think it rings so true that you can evaluate a person by the outcome that is their children. Anyone who’s been away from home for a year or two can probably attest to the influence that their parents and upbringing is on who they’ve become. For better or worse, how they disciplined and treated us, the example that they set, and the responsibility that they gave us growing up are humongous factors in who we are.

So if someone’s child is doing rebellious things like smoking pot by the eighth grade and keeping up the habit in his adult life long after he should have learned his lesson, what does that say about the parent?

My guess is that they’re very apathetic and are more wrapped up in things that should be of less priority (like making a buck off of their “compassion for saving the world from global warming.”) Making a fortune with his “An Inconvenient Truth” book, movie, and promos that he does at liberal college campuses all over the U.S. should probably come second to family matters, that is unless your priorities are out of whack.

My other conjecture is that Al Gore just doesn’t have a good head on his shoulders himself. He’s admitted to marijuana use himself. He’s made some bad career and image choices like being a sore loser during the 2000 election. He’s continually slammed President Bush, even in recent news like the Scooter Libby decision. He’s been called hypocritical more than once by the environmentally aware because of his SUVs, ridiculous amount of energy used to operate his mansion, and so on.

Juvenile, negligent decisions like these, and barricading for hippie causes like saving the planet don’t exactly scream responsible, mature father figure. The bad example that Al Gore set is all to blame for his son’s behavior. He’s said that he would like it to remain a private matter. And of course he would, it will only hurt his own image if his son is following in his footsteps.


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