Electronic Extravagance: Is It Necessary?

For every new ridiculously high tech electronic that comes out on the market, the more cynical I become of people who run out and buy these new gadgets. I’ve always felt that it’s silly for people to put gobs of money into things like the newest piece of gaming equipment, electronic gadgets for getting organized, or the latest and greatest cell phone.

First of all, none of it’s really necessary. Generations before us all used things like house phones, paper calendars to remember important dates, and separate machines for simple tasks like calculating, taking pictures, and so on.

So why have Americans become obsessed with the technology wave, and having the new trends of the gismo market? Convenience is a major factor for sure. It is handy to have a phone with you wherever you go, and to have the reassurance that if you forget something important, a little beeping sound from your PDA will surely remind you what commitment you need to attend to. These are definite assets of the technology. But where do these conveniences, and trends become excess?

In products like last year’s wave of the razor cell phones or the current rage for the iphone, that’s where. Does having a slender (yet still way too wide in my opinion) phone really validate forking over $250 to keep up with the Jones and their razor phone? The razor performs the basic tasks most cell phones do nowadays–music, video, and organization. And while the iphone has lots of new novelties in addition to the functions that other cell phones do, and that incredible touch screen, I’m just confused as to why people feel compelled to spend $500 for a phone when you can get one that performs basic functions for free with the right contract.

It just seems like there’s more useful things that a person could spend their money on. But when you’re paying that much for a phone, buying things out of necessity and thrift probably isn’t an issue anymore. Spending money for the extravagance of the product, plainly because you can, or because you don’t have a good grasp on the value of a dollar becomes the reason.


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  1. the i-phone is pretty amazing though. i bought one and love it. the videos on it are great.

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