Reasons to see the new Transformers movie

Today’s blog is reasons to see Transformers in theatres.

1. It has a satisfying story and great action unlike Spiderman 3 (good action, disorganized and over plotted story) and Pirates 3 (some good action, disorganized story)

2. It is a movie where you get what you paid for and were expecting and more (great robot fight scenes and effects)

3. It has a lot of comedy and effective character development which works well in the movie and allows us to care about the people as well as the good robots called the Autobots in the movie which is important if we are going to care about them when they are fighting robots and on various adventures.

4. It has amazing car chases (the highlight is chase on the LA freeway in the last third of the movie)

5. The movie has plenty of eye candy for guys (Megan Fox (cover girl of this month’s Maxim) and Rachel Taylor(hot blond) and girls (Josh Duhamel,Tyrese Gibson, and the main star Shia LeBeouf)

6. For Transformer’s fans: Peter Cullen returns to do the voice for Optimus Prime in the film. (He did the voice of Optimus on the Transformer’s TV show.)

That is all for now. Definitely see this movie on the big screen.


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