What To Think Of Barry Bonds

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you are all aware that Barry Bonds is within single digits of breaking probably the greatest statistical record in all of professional sports, the all-time HR Record, currently held by Hank Aaron at 715.

In the past 5 years, Bonds has had a huge spotlight casted on him, weather it was for hit 70+ HRs two years in a row, or for the numerous steroid “allegations” made against him. Bonds is arguably one of the best baseball players of all time. Is he the hands down greatest? no, but it is hard to say who is in the MLB. In the NBA we all know Michael Jordan is the best ever, hands down. in the NHL it is Wayne Gretzky. I believe that before the past 5 years, before in my opinion, Barry started using “the juice”, he was one of the games best; athletic, strong, fast, everything. But then he got big and stocky and started pounding balls out of the yard.

I understand he has gotten old and his knees are wearing out, and every now and then i debate between myself weather or not he actually has done steroids, but most of the time i lean towards the needle. Ive never really liked Barry Bonds, even before all this drama has unfolded, and now i like him even less. regardless of what he does during a game, weather he goes 0-4, 1-4, 2-4 or even 5-5 with 5 HRs, he is always the subject of the conversation of that game, on ESPN. it is ridiculous.

This past week he was voted in as a starter for this years all-star game being played in San Francisco. initially i was pissed off that he made the starting team because, although he has good numbers and has been on 12 past all star teams, hes old, he doesn’t field well, he cant run, and all he does is either hit HR and get walks. but then once i realized that the game was being played at his home stadium, i decided ” ya, for nostalgic purposes, it would be stupid not to have him there, and he sorta deserves it” But i think that there are a couple outfielders out in the NL who are far far far more desserving to make the start in the outfield for the allstar game. But then again, allstar games tend to be more about popularity and not actually about who played the best in the first half of the season.

If i was Barry Bonds, and i was gaining ground on Hank Aaron’s all time record, I would stop one HR shy, because at least in my eyes, as a absolute die hard %100 sports fan, that record should never be broken, at least not by someone like Barry Bonds. I honestly don’t think he is fitting to hold that recognition and title as “Home Run King” even if he did hit the most home runs.

A record like that needs to be held by someone with class and respect for the game.
It would be the same thing if someone like Allen Iverson went out and broken Wilt Chamberlain’s single game scoring record. Ya he could do it, but its not just about doing it. huge records like these need to be held by guys who bleed their professional sport, and have class and pride for their profession.

I’m not trying to say Bonds isn’t good, because he is, hes very good, i just wish there are guys out there in the MLB who could represent this record better, such as Ken Griffey Jr. or a Frank Thomas like person.

The video clip that ESPN always plays of Hank Aaron hitting his record breaking HR, and two guys running on the field and running round the bases with “Hammerin” Hank is one of the truly great pieces of video in sports history and i don’t want it to be replaced with an old, tattered Barry Bonds speed walking around the bases to a crowd of boos from the fans.

A MESSAGE TO BARRY BONDS: If you have any respect for the game of baseball, which I think you do, I think you should end your career one HR shy of Hank’s record. Hell, tie it if you want, but just don’t dare break his record, or as you know it, you will be sullying baseball’s pride and heritage.


2 Responses

  1. he should be banned!

  2. I would like to make a correction to this blog which i posted yesterday. I made a horrible error. barry Bonds is trying to break the home run record of 756, not 716 (which he had already surpassed). 716 was the number of homeruns that Babe Ruth had hit, who was second all time in HRs

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