Unfit Parents, Their Detriment to Society

Unfit parents are just one of the many things wrong with society today. The spotlight is on this in a big way because of the video circulating the Internet titled, “Mother Gives Ecstasy to Child.” Even before seeing this, you can imagine how disturbing this must be. After seeing it, you can be assured, it’s sad and upsetting beyond belief.

A two-year-old girl is riding on the floor of a van with a bunch of teenage girls, her eyes are rolling back in her head, a dazed expression is on her face, and she’s being terrorized by the girls in the van.

“Look at her, she rollin’ hard,” one of the girls said after pinching her cheeks. “Stop rollin’ girl. You shouldn’t have popped a full X.”

This incident just happened to make the Internet. But think about all of those times that haven’t. All of the idiotic parents who let their kids smoke when they’re little, give their kids beer to amuse themselves, or even make them do illegal drugs, are out there setting a bad example for their children all the time.

Parents like this normally have some major issues. Some are just plain stupid, have had no post-secondary education or were enrolled in poor public school systems growing up, lots have drug or drinking problems, most come from broken homes, some are just self-centered. But almost all of them will go on to create stupid, uneducated, self-centered, addicted people that come from a broken home themselves. I once heard a quote that I believe rings very true, especially in this case: “Pregnancy is a disease amongst stupid, young people.”

There’s probably no real solution to this “disease” of people with no money, education, or brains having children they aren’t prepared for financially or mentally. Cutting off these peoples welfare 100 percent is the only real solution that could hinder their resources, and prevent them from shoving ecstasy down their children’s throat and letting them drink beer. The drain these people cause society by putting new generations out there of people who work minimum wage jobs (if at all,) live on food stamps, and teach their children irresponsible, immature habits seems incurable besides that.


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