A Night To Remember

Working for NBC definitely has it perks.
Around 4pm yesterday I was offered the chance to go to the 9:30Club to see the Smashing Pumpkins play live for their album release party.


I mean, I haven’t listened to the Pumpkins since 7th or 8th grade, but still come on, its the Pumpkins, I couldn’t miss this chance. I wouldn’t ever pay $100 or so to go see them, but to go see them for free for work, I would turn most things down for that opportunity.

I have been to the 9:30Club three times, every time was to see Thievery Corporation play, which was amazing every time, but seeing a band as huge as the Pumpkins in a setting as small as the 9:30Club, was damn rediculous.

They Practically blew the roof off of the club. When they belted out “bullet with Butterfly Wings” the entire place lost it. I haven’t heard that song in like 10 years, and I still knew ever word, it was unreal.
The only bad part of the event was that we could only film the first minute of each of the first three songs, so we couldn’t capture the entire concert.
We didn’t stay the whole event, cuz it was so jam-packed, I would have lost 5lbs just from sweating cuz it was so hot.

Afterwards we went to Cafe Saint Ex. on 14Th street. If you haven’t been here, you need to check it out. It is one of the coolest looking places I’ve ever been in DC, and the beer selection they have is great.

The music they have their is awesome too, they have a DJ group spinning beats last night called Yellow Fever (Cuz all the guys in the group are of some Asian heritage). It is managed by the former manager of Thievery Corporation, Rob Tifford.

I had such a good time at Saint Ex, it could have been from the leftover adrenaline I had from the Pumpkins concert, or just the fact that Saint Ex. is a really cool place.

Either way, last night was a night I will never forget.


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  1. You got to go to the pumpkins concert. i hate u

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