Reasons to see Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix in theatres

Today’s blog as the title indicates is all about reasons to see the new Harry Potter movie in theatres and maybe even consider seeing it on IMAX.

IMAX section

1. The final battle of the movie is filmed entirely in 3-D (glasses are provided at the IMAX theater)

2. IMAX Theatres are a unique way to enjoy seeing big effects movies in theatres compared with seeing them at home. Other recent movies shown on IMAX this year were Spider-Man 3 and 300.

3. You will feel like you are in the movie when you are watching it due to how the IMAX screening rooms are designed.

In regular theatres

1. For fans: While the new movie cuts out many smaller sub-plots and noticeably cuts down on screen time for reoccurring supporting characters as a whole the movie is very faithful and accurate in retelling the main events of the book.

2. The movie captures much of the humor of the 5th book as well the really dark elements of the story.

3. The actress who plays the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher for this movie, Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) does a superb job of creating a memorable and cruel villain in the Potter movie series.

4. The final battle in the movie is spectacular and raises the bar for magical confrontations in the series.

That is all for now. Be sure to see Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix in theatres now.


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