Enough With The Over Exposure!

Lindsay Lohan has just been freed after six weeks in rehab. Of course the media frenzy has let loose and she’ll be all over Perez Hilton’s blog, US Weekly and even major news networks. All this attention over some not-so-accomplished actress, mediocre singer, and semi-attractive star who’s made the disgusting choices of cocaine use and extreme partying.

I just want to put it out there how ridiculous I think it is that girls like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get so much attention. I’m so sick of seeing these girls run around wasting their lives away on partying and slutty decisions like sex videos and no underwear. Maybe it wouldn’t be so annoying if they were actually accomplished and beautiful girls that people liked seeing. Paris is so not that pretty, and just too skinny. Lindsay, while a little better, still isn’t any beauty queen herself, and so far from pulling off that blonde hair with her freckles and fair skin.

I just wish that the media would choose to spotlight other young stars who are actually interesting in positive ways, accomplished, or even more attractive. While I know they do this as well sometimes, I’d just like to see them cut out the uninteresting-junk that they give us on a daily basis. I personally like to look at the celebrity tabloids, but I really couldn’t care less what club these girls are hanging out at or who they’re doing it with, or the other stupid decisions that they make.


2 Responses

  1. but the naked photos might be released soon!

  2. Well, I hate to say it but you´re kind of adding to the media frenzy more by posting on the topic.

    You also said:
    “Lindsay, while a little better, still isn’t any beauty queen herself, and so far from pulling off that blonde hair with her freckles and fair skin.”

    So now you´re judging Lindsay based on her looks rather than anything relevant to her talent.

    Her profession of choice is actress and perhaps you should judge her based on that. You call her not-so-accomplished but at her age her resume is actually very impressive and she does well in terms of money made per film, which means in pure industry terms she is a reliable commodity and if you can get past what you read in the tabloids, she is actually pretty good for her age. Remember, when Leonardo DiCaprio was 20, he wasn´t particularly good either.

    I also admired the fact that she lobbied for a part in one of my favorite films last year with a legendary director such as Rob Altman. How many actors under the age of 20 even know who Rob Altman is, or people of our generation. It shows that Lindsay has a lot of respect for the craft if she´s going out and finding a great but less popular director and lobbying for a supporting role in his film rather than sporting a 10 million dollar paycheck for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind II.

    It´s just also a very overlooked fact that Lindsay Lohan can´t really control whether she´s in tabloids or not.

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