Dont Point your Hand At Me

You know what I really hate?
when people, who are walking across the street in front of a car, put their hand out as to say “Stop” i have the right of way.

I don’t think people know how annoying this is, because if they did, they would be lying down in a pool of their own blood. That’s how annoying it is.

I feel like when people do this, they are trying to use their Jedi powers to force me to think that i have to stop and let them go. just walking, shaking their hand like they can control my mind.

once someone dared to put their hand on the hood of my car while yelling stop at me. I wasn’t even moving and they insisted that i was going to run them over. its like “Lady, I’m at a friggin intersection, i know have to stop, but you sticking ur hand out there makes me want to stop less and less”

one of these days, someone is gonna wave their hand at me to make me stop, and I’m gonna plow them right over.
where are your Jedi powers now, hu?


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