Top 5 Favorite Simpsons Episode

In honor of The Simpsons Movie coming out tomorrow I thought that I would list my top 5 favorite episodes.

1. Sideshow Bob episode parody of the movie “Cape Fear”
story: The Simpson’s have to move down South under Witness Protection when Sideshow Bob escapes from jail and tries to kill Bart. One of the first Sideshow Bob episodes and easily the best.

My favorite part: The scene where Sideshow Bob gets hit in the face by a dozen rakes.

2. The episode where Homer is on a softball team and his coach/ boss Mr.Burns ends up hiring pro baseball players for the team.

3. The two part- episode of “Who Shot Mr. Burns”

4. The episode where Homer becomes so overweight that he gets to do his job at home.

5. The episode with Lisa’s robot grammar and spelling expert (robot’s name was Lingwow, I think)

That’s all for now. Be sure to see The Simpsons Movie tomorrow. If you have a favorite Simpsons episode be sure to reply to this, if you want.


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