A Year’s Worth of Vices

Hey, I was listening to Elliot In The Morning today before work, and he said something about this lady who went to Starbucks everyday for an entire year. she got the same thing every tall, a Grande Ice Latte which cost $4.25. Because she did this she spent a little bit more than $1550 just on coffee. Think of what other useful things she could have spent that money on, such as her car payments, or her kids education.

here is a look at some other vices, if purchased everyday for a whole year, would probably burn a crater in your pocket.

Pack of Camel cigarettes (Purchased in Bethesda, Md.) $5.25 x 365 days = $1920

A Bottle of most Imported Beers at a bar $6 x 365 days = $2190

Most McDonalds Value Meals $5.50 x 365days = $2005, not to mention about 50Lbs of solid fat

Look how much money we throw away every day on things, that if we thought about it twice, we probably could go with out it.


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