Why I think The Bourne Ultimatium will be such a big hit

1. It’s a sequel and part of an established franchise and people are looking forward to seeing how it ends.

2. The story looks a lot better then the second one (in my opinion)
Like in the first movie, Bourne will be fighting against an army of assassins, only this time they are from a new black ops team (Black Briar) instead of Tread Stone (the black ops team that Bourne was a former agent of)

3. The car chase will be even more action-packed and intense then the car chase in the second movie (which is saying something)

4. The cast. Matt Damon’s star has risen since the last Bourne movie thanks to his roles in Ocean’s Twelve, Syriana, The Departed, The Good Shepard and Ocean’s Thirteen). His performance as Bourne is great and I think was used as a source of inspiration in his role in The Departed.

They brought Joan Allen and Julie Stiles which was a good move and helps give the movie good continuity.

5. The most obvious reason: like Live Free or Die Hard, the Bourne Ultimatium does not use CGI for most of the action and effects. This movie uses good old sets and stuntmen to do the job.

6. The movie has little upcoming competition in terms of big movies and only just has to compete with The Simpons Movie for audience members.


One Response

  1. It’s relatively obvious that Bourne Ultimatum will score big, but the question is how big? Harry Potter big or Evan Allmighty big.

    I’d also be curious to know where you read that Live Free or Die Hard doesn’t use CGI.

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