Poor Record Labels… Right…


First of all – Rolling Stone? Like they haven’t contributed to the diluting of reputable music through their support of flash-in-the-pan “artists”. Of course they’re feeding you information about how this generation is mistreating record labels, they thrive on the same cheap, money hogging tendencies that the crank-out-the-club-hits labels do. Any media that puts Lindsey Lohan on the cover and tries to pass her off an a real, honest to god songwriter, is not a media that has any right to tell the public how and where they should get music they’re interested in.

Let’s break it down. A band signs to a record label. The record label gives them $200,000 to record a wildly produced record. When it’s done, they put it on the market and it sells everywhere. The Record Label takes back all the money they “gave” the band, and also a huge portion of record sales (not to mention cuts given to management teams and tour funding). Bands make about $1 per cd sale. Say a band of five musicians sells 100,000 cds. That’s $20,000 each until the next record. So, who are we stealing from, really- the high-roller label or the starving artist? For the most part, labels have the best interest of their bank accounts in mind, not of the artist or the creative process (Of course, this is completely different from independent artists and labels living and breathing off record sales and gigs paying $100 for a 3 hour performance.).

So, how do WE take responsibility for ourselves? We go to shows (something seeing a band play on a YouTube video doesn’t even compare to), we buy merch., and we support independent artists. I don’t know if there’s anything we can at all do about the greediness of the record label industry, but shifting blame towards civilian listeners is absurd. The question is not anymore, ‘why do we do this?’ but instead, ‘now that it’s going to continue, how do we support artists?’


2 Responses

  1. Those are some good arguments that swayed my point of view too.

  2. Amen, sista!! Way to preach it. Sounds solid to me. If only we could pay the artists directly and then THEY gave a PORTION of their proceeds to their label. It should go FIRST to them, not secondarily or whatever.

    I got Rolling Stone magazine for a while, but then I realized it too was a mass of cheesy pop culture and marketing. I no longer get it, and I don’t get ANY magazines. They’re just filled with mass mentality and marketing. It’s sad.

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