On the other hand: Girls, Guys, and taxi cabs

I think that whenever guys and girls talk about how hard they have it, they should both calm down and realize that each gender has its advantages. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that guys and girls have it about even. If a feminist group is reading this and gets upset at this assertion, they can then attack me and that is one weapon that girls have that guys don’t. There are no men’s protection rights group out there, nor am I saying there should be, that would attack anti-men’s statements in publication. One could make a case, however, that chauvinistic organizations like fraternities and football teams might very much serve that purpose of protecting guy’s rights.

One naive person might say that guys are naturally smarter and have more opportunities but on the other hand, a recent study shows that at certain ages, girls score higher on tests. It can be scientifically measured that guys are physically more capable than women. They run faster and throw stronger, but on the other hand, there’s a significant amount of overlap. At every level of competition in track and field for example, the female county champ, state high school champion, NCAA All-American or Olympic qualifier can beat a great many of her male counterparts at any level. Women will also live longer.

Guys might have more power in the workplace but I think it’s fair to say that women have more power in terms of relationships. On the other hand, I’ve heard complaints from both sides in terms of how difficult it is for a girl to wait to be asked out vs. how difficult it is for a guy to do the asking. Women are far more often in danger of being harrassed in the workplace but on the other hand, guys are often far more in danger of being misaccused as harrassers and with the extreme disgust that society today views people with unhealthy sexual behavior (which explains the popularity of “To Catch a Predator”) guys are increasily in danger of having to watch what they do and how their actions are interpreted even when their intentions are not malicious.

I think politics, however, might be the great divider for gender. A woman president might be hard to pull off, but on the other hand, I don’t want people thinking that I don’t think a woman can be president simply because I don’t support Hillary Clinton.

I was thinking about all this the other night as I saw a couple girls at the state theater in Falls Church hail a taxi cab and how they needed him to wait while some of their friends got out of the theater. One girl suggested that in order to prevent him from running up the meter, she flirt with the driver for a while. Unless the girl is actually going to actually do anything with the driver, I thought that was pretty blatantly wrong to go about flirting with the driver as if the pleasure of watching a girl smile at you and stroke her hair is worth losing a cab fare or two. At the same time I was thinking how unfortunately a guy would do never be able to get away with that.


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