Can I flip-flop on Larry Craig?

You know, as a mindful citizen, I hope I have the right to change my mind on certain issues. I recently posted on Larry Craig and how disappointing it is that politicians are deceitful to us and stuff, but I think that as a guy who was willing to defend Clinton and say that his private and professional lives are separate, I would be hypocritical if I didn’t say the same thing for Senator Craig.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno made a joke the other night about how when Larry Craig was caught in a restroom, his defense was “well, it’s not like I wanted to marry the guy.” Ironically, this also makes a good argument for Craig’s defense: The activists who wanted to out him as gay were the gay community and the Idaho Statesman (who were fed the story from gay activist Mike Rogers) on the grounds that he’s repeatedly voted against gay rights. I think it would be a far reach to say that Larry Craig is anti-gay. He has a gay person on his staff and he has stated in previous interviews that he doesn’t really believe sexual orientation is important. He is against gay marriage but I don’t believe that voting a certain way on gay marriage is a vehemently anti-gay act. I realize this brings about a larger argument over whether banning gay marriage is a human rights violation or a minor sticking point within the gay rights movement, but my point is that it’s a little presumptous to group Craig with someone like Jerry Fallwell.

So, it does seem slightly possible that the parties who want him out of office might be on a vendetta. Mike Rogers actively sought out dirt on Larry Craig for four years and he couldn’t find more than one source who refused to go on the record. I also think that the officer’s report is not as definitive as it originally sounded.

Now, I’m not saying I like Larry Craig. He voted against Katrina funding and free school lunches but I do believe that stories can change and that unlike politicians, we do have the benefit of being flexible of our opinions.


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