Dating Advice

I think it’s time for me to start a dating advice column, where I can share everything I’ve learned from my dating experiences so that other people can learn from them. Come to think of it, there’s only one thing I’ve learned over the years because I haven’t ever gotten terribly far with dating, romance, or anything else involving the opposite sex (I mean, I’m not the worst person when it comes to the opposite sex, but I’m easily in the bottom 25%). Here’s the reason I’ve never gotten particularly far AND my biggest bit of wisdom I can offer: DON’T MISS THE FIRST DATE.

Bascially, a good percentage of the time I ask someone out and they accept, we miss the first date and have to reschedule. A scheduling conflict might come up, or one of us arrives late or something of this sort When this happens, you and the person will remain longer in that akward stage of two people who’ve agreed to go on a date but have not yet been on that date. You kind of have the status of two people going out in a middle schoolish sort of way, and with all the tension, you end up being in a hurry to reschedule that first date so you can move onto that “we’ve had one date together” stage, to the point where more and more of your conversations start shifting to “so can you make it this day? how about this day?” etc, etc. Things gradually devolve from there, because you’re acting as if you’re a couple and trying to schedule things together but you haven’t actually had any fun with each other yet.

So the solution? First, don’t miss the first date yourself. Be sure you schedule it when you can make it and leave enough time to get there. I used to think that I might have been sabatoging myself by being late to a date, but it’s more of a matter of me not being on time to anything, ever, so in retrospect, I think I’ve probably more punctual to dates than anything else.
But here’s the kicker: What happens if the other person calls and says they can’t make it and asks to reschedule? Don’t let them! Then you’ll be in this situation all over again. If it’s in the form of a question and they’re not entirely sure they’re going to reschedule than try to tell them there’s no other night this week and you’re booked busy. Try to highlight why that particular night and no other night for the date is important like “oh, but that resturaunt’s going out of business tomorrow.” If that doesn’t work, spend about 30 seconds trying to reschedule it and if you can’t agree on a time and date, just state that you don’t want to spend too much time playing phone tag over this, tell them when you’re available and say that it’s up to them to reschedule.


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  1. You should do a weekly dating blog to turn us all into dating gods and goddesses. woot woot.

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