Some tips for when you go to the movie theater

As usual, I’m trying to keep postings on film brief and focus on other Washington-oriented stories, while I write more about film and entertainment issues on my blog.

This will be movie-oriented:
I work at a movie theater and it does lately annoy me how much people are spending and because I love movie theaters and want them to still be an important place in the community, I want to give you some advice on how to not spend so much.

First, join AMC Moviewatchers club online:
That will save you a little on concessions.

Second, ask cashiers if there are any special discounts or prices on products, they do and they usually try to publicise them but you might not have seen the sign

Third, if you don’t see any such special discounts or prices, consider bringing your own food in. It’s actually allowed at some movie theaters (AMC: yes, Regal: no).

If the line for concessions is real long, just consider it might not be worth it considering the prices.

Also, in case you were curious, movie showtimes listed on the ticket (at AMC, at least) are appoximately 12-15 minutes of previews so if you’re running late and thinking of turning back, keep that in mind. You can probably still make it.

Also, there’s discounted tickets for students if you bring a student ID and discounts earlier in the day. Aside from the matinee discount, there’s an even cheaper discount if you see the film before noon.

AMC Movie Theaters are located in Courthouse (Arlington), Alexandria, Tyson’s Corner, Largo Town Center, Georgetown, Cleveland Park (the famed Uptown Theater), Shirlington, and Dupont Circle, Woodbridge, Potomac Mills, Mazza Gallery, Beltsville and Lexington Park.

The other big theater chain in the area is Regal which is located in Ballston, Rockville, Gallery Place (Next to the Verizon Center), Potomac Yards, Bethesda and Fairfax Town Center.


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