Favorite resturaunts in North Arlington

I’m currently writing a cheap eats guide for DC Scene for my neck of the woods: Arlington, VA.

I’ve lived in Arlington for about 20 years and over that time I’ve had the opportunity to eat pretty much everywhere (and I love eating out), or so I thought. I looked in the phone book and found that there are over 450 restaurants in Arlington. I’ve been to at best about 110 of them, so there are plenty of places I’m unfamiliar with.

But, here’s what I might say my 10 favorite restaurants are, in terms of the bargain-level. So these aren’t places for fancy dinners but at the same time, they can be. I’m pretty much focusing on North Arlington, cause i don’t go to south Arlington that often.

1. Mei’s Asian Bistro, Virginia Square-Relatively new restaurant serving both Japanese/Chinese cuisine, pretty fancy atmosphere, serves steamed brown rice and other interesting alternatives, cheap lunch specials. Also has a sushi bar, live music, and a small bar
2. Italian Store, Lyon Village-A big sign on exit 72 on I-66 publicizes the place and people come from miles away to try their famous New York style pizzas, and delicious subs (made with the best ingredients). They also have a grocery store for imported pastas, sauces, wines and cheeses
3. Pasha Cafe, Cherrydale-Nice not-too-fancy but not-too-cheap eatery where they serve Mediterranean food, pasta, and also dabble into pizza.
4. Mexicali Blues, Clarendon-This has a small bar and so it’s considered part of the nightlife but they serve great Mexican food that’s like the opposite end of the spectrum from Taco Bell in terms of being authentically Mexican. They also serve margaritas of all flavors and sangria, so great selection of drinks.
5. Tarbouch, Lyon Village-Really great Mediterranean resturaunt that just opened up, small eating space.
6. Super Pollo, Ballston-One of the best of the Pollo a la Brasa places. Think fast food but instead of a hamburger they serve Peruvian rotisserie chicken; instead of fries they serve sides of rice, rice and beans, yucca, or coleslaw and instead of coke they serve Inca cola.
7. Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, Lee Highway Corridor-I hung out there in high school a lot. Their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is the highlight. Sicillian pizzas, bread sticks, wings, and a pitcher of soda and it all usually comes out fresh.
8. Five Guys Burgers, Clarendon-This is a chain, so it’s around in places other than Clarendon, but it’s got the best burgers and fries around. The menu is simple but it has everything you need.
9. Cafe Asia, Rosslyn-They’re all you can eat buffet at lunch includes all the sushi you can eat too
10. Caribbean Grill, Lee Highway Corridor-The lines are long at lunch but that’s because people know the secret of how good the food is here. A little like the pollo a la brasa places but with a Caribbean twist.

Lebanese Taverna, Westover
Crystal Thai, Arlington Forest
La Choza, Ballston mall
Dim Sun, Ballston mall
Ballston Place Market
Pio Pio, Virginia Square
Szechuan Wok, Virginia Square
Linda’s Cafe, Lee Highway
Wasabi Sito, Lyon Village
Silver Diner, Clarendon
Crisp and Juicy-Lee Highway
Hunan Number One, Clarendon
Pizza Roma, Ballston


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