Still rooting for Frank Calliendo

So one of the biggest interviews I’ve ever had in reporting was Frank Calliendo. I interviewed hiim for the DC Scene. (In case you’re curious, the other famous poeple I’ve interviewed include the other people someone who the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver was based off of, Wynton Marsalis, and the No. 14 pick of the 2004 NBA draft).

I was a fan of Frank Calliendo from the show MadTV, and I interviewed him when he came to this comedy club, and it’s been interesting to see the guy grow. Now when I’m like “I interviewed Frank” from Frank TV everyone knows who that is.

The thing is this guy was also a relative B-lister of a comic back when I interviewed him around June. I remember I asked him what he was doing on his visit to my city and he said his life is constant work, he’s spending all his time promoting his new show or new projects and he got flooded with interview requests.

Now he’s definitely been overpromoted to the point where he’s like a punchline on Best Week Ever. But I think that’s what he should’ve done. I know you guys are critiquing him as a public figure, I’m kind of critiquing him as this comic I once got to interview who tried his best to be successful at this project of his. It’s kind of interesting to see it from that perspective.

The actual show itself is a little below what I was expecting, he’s slacking a little on the impressions, I find. He played Pacino a little effeminately. At the same time, I think he has a lot of creative ieas, and despite mixed reviews on this, I think it’s very cool to ask a memebr fo the audience to come up. I think it’s about as good as a one-man sketch show could be, the problem is it is a one-man sketch show and you can’t do that much with a one-man sketch show, which is the cardinal sin in producing TV shows: Don’t do something with a very limited idea.

So, the show might not be able to last long under it’s current format, but at least when his original number of episodes runs out, he has 5 episodes in the can and how many broadcast journalism majors from Milwaulkee can say they’ve produced even one episode of their own TV show. In the end, whatever happens, I admire Frank Calliendo for his goals.


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