Morning report in front of the TV

This morning I turned on the Today show and there was a 10-year old prodigy playing the piano and singing. She was incredibly good, but I was kind of expecting that. They’re not gonna book a mediocre talent on the Today Show. In fact, I think 10 is pushing it if you want to be one of those “musical progidies” that they always seem to feature on the talk show circuit to mix things up between celebrities who come on to plug their new book or movie. For one thing, at 10 you’re actually not really a prodigy but you’ve had considerable time to develop your craft and actually get good. I mean, Mozart started playing the piano at the age of 3 and started writing symphonies at the age of 5. Considering I’ve seen 6 and 7 year old prodigies do stuff of equal caliber on Ellen, The Tonight Show and the game show “America’s Got Talent” I look at her and think, she had 3 more years to practice.

But at the same time I think 10 is not a bad age to be with that talent. If she’s still that talented six years down the road, than the media will follow her everywhere, want to know who she’s dating, and bombard her with accusations that she either put on weight or is annorexic. At 10, she’s free of all of that and sounds just as good.

A couple minutes later as the Today show hit one of it’s last commercial breaks there was a commercial that sounded like this, “Coming up on NBC4 news: There’s a fire in the White House” (ok i’m beating the hand that feeds me just a little here). Isn’t that a humongous reason to panic, and even possibly interrupt the Today Show? I was picturing something like a scene from the movie backdraft, where firefighters are heroically jumping in and trying to save the president and the presidential artifacts, and everything, but it turns out it was a small fire in the building next door, that’s part of the White House offices or something. But NBC 4 did a very good job at hooking me onto the screen and convincing me to stay a little longer in front of the TV so i could see what was going on over there.


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