Winter day trips in VA

Virginia is a state with a lot of diversity:

Hot Springs and Warm Springs: Some small towns with natural hot springs founded by Thomas Jefferson and a nice resort called the homestead which has activities in the winter and summer

Shenandoah/Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley

Williamsburg, Va

Monticello/Charlottesville, VA-See historic UVA, Monticello, the mountains are very beautiful there. Also, Wintergreen

Fredericksburg, Va-A nice town an hour south of Washington with a lot of little things to see, a couple battlefields, a restored inn

Harper’s Ferry, WV/Va/Md (on the border of all three states)-A really cool vacation spot and day trip. The town doubles as a national park, with great hiking trails, views, and in the summer: whitewater rafting


3 Responses

  1. what about skiing?

  2. I’m an avid skier, so let me say, for Virginia, I think Wintergreen is by far the best best in Virginia, but there’s also good action in PA with Liberty and Roundtop (I’ve never been a big Whitetial fan, that’s just me)

  3. what about west virginia?

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