So much to write, so much to write, so much to write

Someone was asking me “how do you write so much?” and it’s really not that hard.

One of the hardest things to deal with as a writer is not thinking of things to write, but sorting out all the things you can think of in your head to write about and deciding which of them you’re actually going to put down on paper. I have so many things I can or want to write about that I could easily spend all day writing. There’s a long waiting list of things in my head of things to write about it.

For example, I really am sick and tired of tipping waiters and waitresses and especially bartenders I plan to articulate my thoughts on that sometime in the near future, to bring down the institution of tipping (it’ll be a big hit!). I also have some thoughts on the Tom Cruise issue and how it’s really shallow of us as a nation to all of a sudden dislike him because he jumped on a couch or something after we’ve adopted him as the premiere American movie star for 20 years. Those are just two examples. I also want to write my story about my college experience from my freshman year all the way to graduation because i think i had a pretty interesting route and a website called “collegeties” will pay for that.

Of course, there’s the issue of writing what I’m assigned to write, what’ll be accepted by a newspaper editor (which I don’t have to worry about too much anymore), and what’s relevant to the people in D.C. but aside from that, I’m finding the answer is increasingly determined by my vicinity to a computer when I think of something. Today, I was going to the grocery store when I thought of something I wanted to write. I started writing it in my head, it might have been a Pullitzer-Prize winning article or whatever and I was like “I gotta turn around and go home and write it.” I wasn’t the one driving the car anyway but you can’t just rearrange your life because you want to write something. It’s not like I’m a “writer” as in full-time paid writer whose only job in the world is writing and it’s vitally important that he writes well. Anyway, I don’t even remember what it was that I wanted to write by the time I got home three hours later.

So basically the answer as to what gets written is that there are times when I feel like writing and times that I don’t feel like writing and when what I feel like writing coincides with when I’m near a computer, than we’re in business. And then there’s also the question of why write about it. Why take time out of your day to put your thoughts on paper? Well, that’s what I ask myself when I’m cynical, but there are plenty of reasons.

OK, now I’m really tired and can’t write anymore, so here’s my list of what makes it to paper: We have the factors of: 1. When an idea pops into my head, 2. When I feel like writing 3. When I’m near a computer and 4. When I’m feeling awake enough to write something.

I actually am maybe not that good at writing a lot of things. That includes job applications, and school assignments as well, because all those things have to coincide for me to get down to business


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